Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Blog Is Moving!

Where the heck have I been???  Good question :)  Working my tush off!!!

Things are changing quickly for me and I feel like I am abandoning my previous art life.  Sorry for being silent for way too long but I have good news and bad news.  Bad news first, I am moving my blog to my website for convenience purposes.  It doesn't currently have all the bells and whistles but that will come with time.  The good news is I'm feeling really good about the direction I'm going in.  I know I will probably lose some of my followers as I move onto this different path, but I am still here and still sharing art and techniques.  So if you would like to come along on this journey, here is where I will be posting!!

Additionally, I just joined Pinterest and you can follow me there as well.

All of my previous postings have been moved over to the new blog and hopefully soon I will have everything put back together.

For those of you who might be saying Goodbye, thank you for all of your comments and support over the past five years.  Every accomplishment I've shared with you along the way has brought me to where I am today and I thank you for that.

I hope you join me!

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Well, it has been a long-time coming, but it's here!!!!

I have launched my new website dedicated to surface and pattern design.  It is a very simple design so the designs can stand out on their own.  Unfortunately, the public can only view the images in the gallery that is linked on the front page.  The full design collections are restricted for the manufacturers and buyers.  

So bookmark my new site if you love design!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fabric Design Competition on Connecting Threads Site

I have actually entered my first real fabric design competition using some of the designs previously seen below.  Yes, I am looking for votes - but only honest ones LOL

Here is a link to the voting page where my designs start and they run onto the next page.  

So far, this is my most popular design submission

There are some great designs in this competition and the winner will get a license contract to product a line of fabrics with Connecting Threads.  It's very exciting!!!  Terri Stegmiller also has designs in this competition and they begin on this page:

So if you have a moment to scan all the designs in the competition, feel free to vote for all of your favorites.  What would you like to see in a quilting fabric?  Connecting Threads wants to know!!  There are dozens of submissions and they are allowing the public to vote!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Moyo Directory Listing

The surface pattern design industry is rockin' and rollin'!  Rachel Taylor and Beth Kempton are doing fantastic things to help artists connect with other artists and display their artwork for manufacturers and buyers.  Both new designers and established are taking advantage of this new platform.  

I would love for you to check out my listing and let me know what you think!  Click on this link to go to my page:

And definitely check out the rest of the designers as well!  There are loads of eye candy for viewing so have a blast!

My new website is coming soon!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Something About Maine...

"Maine...the way life should be!"

I'm a Down East girl for sure!  My family spent a lot of time in Maine.  My Mom's family is from Maine.  My Dad went to college in Maine originally for forestry and his family had property in Maine.  I spent every summer from birth to age 12 on the Penobscot River with my family, first, second, and third cousins and it was the best time of my life.  Castine is tattooed on my heart and everything about it encompasses my soul.  It's simply where I need to be.


There are significant changes being made and new threads are being woven that continue to bind my family to this area.  Nothing could make me happier than that!  The original family properties have been long sold but brief visits fill my soul to overflow again and again.  This week was about family.  Celebration and sadness.  Recalling the past, planning the future and looking to the sky in search of angels.

We touched the sky itself at 447 feet...

and again at 1600 feet and felt like we were on top of the world!

And we felt the power of the ocean, breathed in the salty air and looked off at the edge of the world through the Atlantic.

I have been away too long.

(Shots from the shores of the Penobscot River, observatory bridge overlooking Bucksport, the top of Cadillac Mountain, and Thunder Hole, Bar Harbor, Maine.)

Goodbye Marty, we will miss you. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Studio Sunday and Digital Collage

Welcome to Sunday!!  Stay in and stay cool today, it's going to be another hot one!  I've resigned myself to the A/C and I'm perfectly comfy in my loft.  Of course this weekend I've been working on pattern design but I took a little time out this morning to play with my digital collage elements.  I'm thinking this first one would look great quilted on a pillow cover with a little hand embroidery and light beading!!

 Everything you see in these two collages was created using one of my techniques such as tracing photos, scanning real leaves or making marks with paint and texturized pieces of cardboard or stamps I have made.  I've also started using some previously created collage copies that make for some really interesting brushes in Photoshop Elements.

Maine is on my mind today and my thoughts and prayers go out to Marty and Gail.  

Have a great and creative week and I'll see you back here next Sunday!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Declaration of You BlogLovin' Tour!!!

The Declaration of You has just been published by North Light Craft Books! Declare yourself along with other readers who are getting all the permission they've craved to step passionately into their lives, discover how they and their gifts are unique and uncover what they are meant to do! This post is part of The Declaration of You's BlogLovin' Tour, which I'm thrilled to participate in alongside over 100 other creative bloggers. This week's theme is "SUCCESS"!  Learn more -- and join us! -- by clicking here.


If someone had asked me 20 years ago what success looked like to me, I would have quickly answered, “three degrees, a house on the water and a fat retirement fund.”  I recognize now that definition of success was clearly not my own personal definition, but one heavily tainted by immaturity.  Would I ever really want to go to school long enough to obtain three degrees?  NOT!  Houses on the water require lots of maintenance and run a high risk of washing away.  A fat retirement fund would be great (and rather intelligent), but without three degrees might be a little on the skinny side.

“You really don’t know yourself until you are in your ‘40’s.”  Whether I heard this statement first on t.v. or read it in an issue of Cosmo, it has always stuck with me.  I’m 46 this year and I know this statement to be SO true.  Today, if I was asked what my definition of success was, I would know the answer to this question would come from a very personal place that took at least 40 years to get to.  And my answer?  To be true to myself and take joy in my accomplishments.  Plain and simple.

Now, I may not be that person who was driven to climb the corporate ladder or someone who knew from age 5 exactly what they wanted to do with their life, but I have traveled my own journey driven by my desire to create a successful, creative life based on my passions.  So today I ask myself, “Have I done it? Am I a success?”  I answer, “Yes, of course I am! I’ve got a list of accomplishments to prove it!”

I truly believe that success is defined on a very personal level and in order to define it for yourself, you have to let go of all pre-conceived ideas about it.  I also believe that "SUCCESS" is such a big word that it can be extremely overwhelming just to try and define it.  I try to think about it this way:  

If SUCCESS was a fireworks display on the 4th of July 
and it was shot high up into the sky
 it would explode into a million little successes! 

That is how it works for me.  I no longer try to define the big 'SUCCESS'.  I look at all the smaller things that I have achieved, all of my personal accomplishments, because when I add them all up, it’s BIG to me and I feel good about it!

I thought long and hard about the factors or components that I strongly believe contribute to being a successful person and I've highlighted them here.  Attitude is at the top of the list and so important that it can make or break how successful you could be.  Always be positive and let your light shine! 


Be positive, be open, and be grateful for all opportunities that come your way, big and small.  Never believe you are better than the rest, just different.  Be big enough to share your energy and enthusiasm with the world and celebrate the successes of others alongside your own.  Give a lot more than you get because it ultimately circles back and feels darn good in the process!

Reward only comes from true effort.  Do your best so you can go to sleep each night knowing you gave it your best shot.  Know that accomplishments come in many shapes and sizes, some fast, some slow and that EACH ONE MATTERS!  When you accomplish something, enjoy it! Revel in it! Shout it from the rooftops!  Then check it off the list and move onto the next item.  Success grows bigger and shines brighter with each one.


Don’t set unrealistic expectations that encourage unhealthy disappointments.  Perfection is overrated (a personal favorite of mine).  Don’t reject or give up on an unsuccessful attempt because if it was important enough to try once, it deserves a second shot.  Accept all your accomplishments graciously.   Allow yourself to really FEEL that success and BELIEVE that success with each accomplishment.  You have nothing to prove to anyone other than yourself and, when it happens and feels good, know that you deserve it and accept it! 


I've been on my own mission to encourage people to create their own personal imagery through easy and simple techniques and share my own experience on how this works for me.  My message to you is:  Innovate! Try new things to generate new ideas!  Take one idea at a time and push it as far as you can.  Before you know it, that one single idea has transformed into a waterfall of opportunities for experimentation and growth that fosters “uniquity”.   When you are satisfied you have exhausted all paths, find a new idea and do it all again.

I am currently in the middle of reading my copy of the Declaration of You! and loving it!  Congratulations Michelle and Jessica on your success!!!!!


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Studio Sunday - Digital Play

Welcome to Sunday and it's going to be a hot one here!  I've been puppy sitting my neighbor's dog, Chez, and between Friday night and this morning, I've taken 5 long walks with her in the heat :(  Clearly, I'm not ready for a dog yet as the older I get the more I can't take the heat and humidity.  So having to go out and intentionally walk in it is not something I really want to do :)  We won't even touch on the squirrel chases.

I spent yesterday listening to a number of really informative interviews with pattern design artists and agents on Monica Lee's site, "Smart Creative Women".  

I'm back to playing with mark making and digital collage.  For these two, I started with a paper collage that I had made and added various new layers and adjusted blending modes.  You can see one of my sticky foam stamps in the background on the second image.  I have turned that into a nice repeat pattern for a pattern collection I am working on now.  

I am developing my uniqueness and experimenting with the ways I like to create my art.  This is what makes a person's designs stand out, when you get to a point where you can really design from your happiest place.  This will allow you, as quoted by Kathy Davis, "scatter joy", that you will have to market your *ss off to make sure the world sees it and understands who you are! :)  No kidding, there is a huge amount of work behind making yourself a successful surface pattern designer and I haven't even made it out of the gate yet!

If you are interested in getting a jump start on creating your own personal imagery, definitely check out my Cloth Paper Scissors Workshop DVD titled "Paint, Print, Layer, Collage: Creating With Personal Imagery" that you can purchase direct from Interweave here.

Stay healthy, stay cool and have a great week!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Studio Sunday

Puppy love!!!!  There is nothing better!  This is Ralphy and he is my neighbor's 2nd Jack Russell Terrier and cute as a button.  His big sister, Bella, gets so excited when she sees me she pees (I tend to have that affect on dogs) but I love her just as much!  My neighbors with dogs know that they can always come to me if they need a "puppy sitter".  Someday I'll have my own :)

The loft/studio keeps changing as I adapt it to my needs.  Thanks to my wonderful "Superman" brother-in-law, I now have a platform 16 feet x 8 feet that is large enough for me to build out a bedroom upon.  The step ladder I have been using to climb up on since it is chin height will need to go as I build a version of stairs for access.  

I had to move the closet with the design wall behind it in order to accommodate the larger platform so now I need a new design wall.

So knowing that I will be spending a lot more time in front of the computer as I get deeper into surface and pattern design, I figured I would hang pin-up boards on the large wall that my computer table faces.  This way I can see my drawings or other pieces of inspiration as I work on my designs.  Next step is to hang up the boards.

These pics were taken from standing on the platform.

Here, I'm standing at the other end of the platform from where the bed currently is.  It is really big and I can't wait to lay carpet down on it and get another real bed, bureau and TV stand!

I feel like I still need a drafting table but I have enough flat table space to work on now so that will have to wait.  I hope you are all having a wonderfully creative weekend!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Studio Sunday and Summer Flowers

Well, we had a heat wave this weekend!  It reached the high 90's yesterday which seems a little extreme following the much cooler temperatures from the week before.  That's New England for you!  All the sun and warmth encourage beautiful things to happen like flowers blooming.  I was down in RI yesterday working with Barbara from Joggles and we took a little break to walk around her beautiful yard.  I love this time of year when there is growth everywhere and the green grass and leaves are so saturated with color it's like stepping into the perfect photograph.

I love, love, love flowers and haven't taken any pictures for a few years now even though I have a huge stash to refer to from prior photo shoots.  I am always mesmerized at how such complex layering exists first in a very neatly wrapped little package!  

I will linger and study the overlapping and shedding of these layers in different phases of the growth of a beautiful flower from perfectly round buds or a larve-like transparent sheath from which the very tip of a bud emerges. 

Now if only I could draw as well as I can see!  I think a little tracing and digital manipulation will be required to incorporate a stylized version of these beauties into some surface and pattern design.  The first part of the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design has ended and the next module won't start until August.  I thought for sure they were lined up one right behind the other but this reprieve will be great as I will totally be designing up a storm between now and then.  

Surtex in 2014 is a very challenging goal and maybe completely unrealistic due to the financial requirements to be ready to show at this significant trade show but I am so willing to try and reach it!  I recently read that I should be prepared to layout at least $6,000 between the trade show booth, pre-show marketing, professional website design, and products, copyright, banners and more from my designs.  It's going to require more work than I have ever tried to accomplish on a deadline, but it is a year and I've proven before I can get a lot ready in a short period of time.

Through this process, I will be finding my "voice".  I believe my first designs/collections will truly reveal my design style as I try to pull together the different types of elements and styles that I'm inspired by and give birth to the eclectic mix I anticipate.  

Happy June everyone!

Friday, May 31, 2013


Yay, we are here!  Friday, May 31st!!!  Not only is it the last day of May 2013 but it is the FREE GIVEAWAY WINNER day!!! (or night) LOL

There were 33 comments total and one was removed so I generated the winner based on 32 comments.



There were two anonymous comments but this one is the winner!  If you would please contact me at I can get your DVD and Thermofax screens to you!


Have a great weekend and check back for Studio Sunday!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Studio Sunday, Pattern Play and Blog Anniversary!

Welcome to Sunday on this extended holiday weekend!  It's a true gift having an additional day to play creatively and to work on building my skills.  I was totally inspired by one of the artists who is participating in the on-line workshop I am attending, the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design.  Friday night, I was up very late blowing ink across paper :)  I nearly passed out, but I was so inspired to keep going because of the amazing organic looking marks that you can make with this technique.  Here is the piece that I used to layer with my imagery above to get the look.

Every part of this repeat pattern has been created and manipulated in Photoshop Elements.  I have been learning quickly the components of Elements that I had not previously been using and it opens up an entirely new set of tools to work with!  You really need both Photoshop and Illustrator to design with.  This is good for me since so much of my design elements are still in Photoshop Elements.  I will soon have to graduate to the full blown Photoshop CS6 program but I will hold off as long as I can.

What I do need right now is a bigger monitor, a drafting table and a back-up hard drive!!!!


I want to take a minute to talk about my Blog Anniversary!  This very weekend, exactly 5 years ago, I created my blog, "Scrap Wisdom Collage", and wrote my first article for submission to Quilting Arts Magazine  under the same name.  I can't believe it has been 5 years and when I look back over this time, I can't help but pat myself on the back for the success I have achieved in my creative life.  We all measure success in different ways and the past 5 years have shown me that I have been very successful and I am really happy with that level of success. A significant part of my happiness has been sharing techniques and ideas with others and the satisfaction that comes from helping other people achieve their own success.

Perseverance and passion will take you as far as you want to go.  I still have so much yet to learn, but every seed planted has the ability to grow and bloom.  Always remember to push those ideas when they surface!


If you haven't had a chance yet, go to this posting and leave a comment to be entered into the free giveaway for my Cloth Paper Scissors Workshop DVD, "Paint, Print, Layer Collage: Creating With Personal Imagery" and 2 free Thermofax screens from my Etsy shop!! Don't miss it!  Leave a comment now!!  I will select one winner on Friday, May 31st!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day and takes time to honor all of the soldiers who have given their lives fighting for our freedom and in the name of global terrorism.  


Friday, May 24, 2013

Cloth Paper Scissors PAGES Vol. 3 is HERE!

Woohoo!!!  PAGES volume 3 is finally here!  I downloaded the digital version tonight so I could see the layout in the magazine of my article, "Revealing the Edge", starting on page 100.  Because it is a "how to" article, most of the pages are not shown so I have posted a few more below.    All of the imagery applied on these pages was made using the first release of Joggles Stencils!  Go HERE to see the original stencils and the newest released stencils by Barbara and myself!

This is the last publication that I have "in the works" but 2013 has already been an amazing year!  Again, I am so fortunate to have been given the opportunities with Interweave that I have and hope that I can share more with them soon.  


Monday, May 20, 2013

My Very First Official Repeat Pattern!

I'm soooooo happy!!!  I just created my very 1st official (meaning technically correct) repeat pattern!!!  There's no stoppin' me now!!!  Yay!!!  All of the rest of my designs up until now have been manually placed (which does get old).  Had to share :)

Happy Monday :)