Studio Sunday - Digital Play

Welcome to Sunday and it's going to be a hot one here!  I've been puppy sitting my neighbor's dog, Chez, and between Friday night and this morning, I've taken 5 long walks with her in the heat :(  Clearly, I'm not ready for a dog yet as the older I get the more I can't take the heat and humidity.  So having to go out and intentionally walk in it is not something I really want to do :)  We won't even touch on the squirrel chases.

I spent yesterday listening to a number of really informative interviews with pattern design artists and agents on Monica Lee's site, "Smart Creative Women".  

I'm back to playing with mark making and digital collage.  For these two, I started with a paper collage that I had made and added various new layers and adjusted blending modes.  You can see one of my sticky foam stamps in the background on the second image.  I have turned that into a nice repeat pattern for a pattern collection I am working on now.  

I am developing my uniqueness and experimenting with the ways I like to create my art.  This is what makes a person's designs stand out, when you get to a point where you can really design from your happiest place.  This will allow you, as quoted by Kathy Davis, "scatter joy", that you will have to market your *ss off to make sure the world sees it and understands who you are! :)  No kidding, there is a huge amount of work behind making yourself a successful surface pattern designer and I haven't even made it out of the gate yet!

If you are interested in getting a jump start on creating your own personal imagery, definitely check out my Cloth Paper Scissors Workshop DVD titled "Paint, Print, Layer, Collage: Creating With Personal Imagery" that you can purchase direct from Interweave here.

Stay healthy, stay cool and have a great week!


Totally love both of these images. Either color way works!
HollyM said…
I love both those pieces! I have no doubt that you will be successful! I think you defonitely already have a distinctive style.
It's been warm here this weekend too but it's supposed to cool again this week. I don't like it either.
elle said…
Babysitting definitely cuts into the creative time. But so does yard work. lol I'm really liking these, Margi! I luv the black outlining and the collaged background. The layering is super! great job! have a treat! ;^)
Jackie said…
I love these digital images. How I wish I could do 'digital design' like you do. Its so inspiring.
Its great to have your own individual style....but hard to recognise when you achieve it!