Sunday, December 16, 2012

Studio Sunday - Suzanne Abrams - Stencils

Welcome to Sunday!  Are you working on all your last minute gifts as Christmas draws near?  I have not even begun my holiday shopping and feel so out-of-touch with the season.  We should be getting messy snow this week and hopefully it will start to look a little like the Holidays.  Many of you have probably seen the saddest story replaying over the news about the shooting rampage at the Sandy Hook school in Newtown, CT.  It's a tough subject for sure and not a topic that should be played out to the extreme the way the media is doing but isn't that always the way.  My heart goes out to those families affected by this act that has ripped their hearts and souls apart and I can't even begin to imagine the pain they must be going through.

I just love Sandra Meech's new book, Connecting Design to Stitch!  I haven't made my way through the entire book but it is definitely a keeper.  Sandra is amazing and I'm enjoying this book even more than her first.  This would make a fabulous gift for anyone who loves art quilting and developing designs on textiles!

I want to introduce a friend of mine living here at the Western Avenue Artist Lofts.  Suzanne Abrams is an amazing artist that I have come to know.  Suzanne is multi-talented in fiber art, painting and paper art and her truly organic style is reflected in all of her artwork.  Check out Suzanne's website at and the workshop she will be teaching on-line, Layered Art Cards, at launching February 14, 2013 seen here.

I also have an on-line workshop at starting March 21, 2013 called Printing The Journal.  You can check it out here.  Mark your calendars if you are interested!!

Other things I am working on include:

  • STENCIL DESIGNS - I haven't promoted my new stencil designs with as of yet and will be building more designs in the very near future and make my annoucement and giveaways at that time!  Also, there will be another BIG SURPRISE announcement related to stencils within the next few weeks!  It's still a secret so I can't let it out of the bag just yet so stay tuned!!
  • I'm also finishing up a journal and article for Cloth Paper Scissors for one of their e-mags (not sure which one) that will be coming out soon and I will keep you updated as to the title and expected delivery date.
  • Developing another on-line workshop for on my printed paper art quilts as seen in my last post.
I've also determined that I want to try my hand at being a surface and pattern designer so I am learning Adobe Illustrator CS6, as I go through stencil design building, and will be submitting a design for a chance to win a scholarship to this workshop, The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design by amazing designer Rachel Taylor.  If I don't happen to with the scholarship (worth $1,000), I will still be taking this workshop come April and dedicating myself to learning how best to create designs to license for fabric, home goods, gifts and many other types of items.

It's funny how it has taken me this long to realize (since 1989) that my love for textiles has been a love of surface design and that through all the years since, I have been creating designs on textiles in my own way.  Now I have a chance to fuse my digital skills with my image design skills and push it as far as I can.  I feel like I have been an arrow that finally just hit its mark on the bulls eye!

Time goes flying by as my weekends are jam packed with "To Dos".  I hope everyone enjoys family gatherings and sharing the love this Holiday Season!  Please stay safe and healthy and treasure the hours you have with family and friends.

See you next week!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Catching Up

What day is it?  What month is it?  This is exactly how I've felt for the past 3 months and I'm finally nearing the finish line.  Trying to be a full-time artist while working a full-time job is quite the challenge as I'm sure many of your know.  I'm finally coming to the end of my list of art deadlines and soon will have lots to share on that! Here are a couple of small paper art quilts that I created for an on-line workshop that I was hosting through

They were lots of fun to make and I plan to work on more like this!  Using dyed paper towels and paper towels from clean ups, stamps and stencils, I quilted them onto a base of cotton batting.  Second one is not finished yet and I plan on adding more embellishments as I make more of them.

LuAnn Kessi gave me permission to share this picture with you.  I was so excited when I saw my screen-printed images in her homework assignment monochromatic piece for a dying workshop she is taking!  To see more of LuAnn's work, visit her blog here.  I love LuAnn's work so go check her out if you haven't yet!!

Have a great weekend everyone and I will check back tomorrow!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Studio Sunday December Push

It snowed yesterday but it still doesn't feel like "the season".  Things are super busy here at Western Avenue Studios as the parking lot was full yesterday which is a good sign for all those artists who are participating in Holiday Open Studios.  The studios are open to the public this weekend and next weekend for the holiday shoppers and it looks like they are enjoying it!  I am not opening my studio this weekend as I still have too much to do with looming deadlines.  I'm super grateful for the work but I feel that push and it will last through the entire month with Christmas to prepare for on the heels of my completed deadlines.

I've been creating lots of work but can't share it yet.  From the latest issue of Quilting Arts Magazine, here are three pieces I made that were literal examples of transitioning sketchbook pages to fabric.  My screen-printed deli papers were adhered directly to the fabric, then additional screen printing, painting and stitch were added to the layers.  

On this piece, I was using one of my favorite screens to print randomly to the fabric and mixing in different paint colors as I printed.  I love the end result as it makes me feel like winter winds are rushing through the trees after a snowfall.  I stitched over the entire piece following the unpainted lines of the branches and leaves.  I think I should add a little Jones Tones foil to this piece to add a little "frosty" appearance.

I hope everyone is having a low-stress weekend and I promise to catch up when I'm done with everything here !