Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday in the Studio

I've never been one of those people who starts holiday shopping at midnight or 4:00 in the morning.  I appreciate my sleep way too much and there is still plenty of time shop.  So while everyone is lined up at Walmart, I snooze away and awaken around 8:00 a.m.   I lounge around for a couple of hours with my coffee while I check items off of my "To Do" list.

Here are a few journal pages/collages that I'm working on.  I'm so grateful to have this extra day!!

Enjoy your shopping adventures!!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

See Me in Quilting Arts Magazine!

I am slowly getting back into the grove after returning from Loveland, Colorado where I filmed a new workshop DVD for Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.  My full-time job is very busy at this time of year and I come home mentally drained, but now I get a brief reprieve as we have Friday off after the Thanksgiving holiday.  Whew!

I just received my digital copy of the new issue of Quilting Arts Magazine (Dec/Jan 2013) and I am psyched to be included in this issue!  You can see my article on page 65 - Off the Page: Sketchbook Keeping for Textile Artists.  Thank you, Vivika!!  This is a fabulous issue, as they always are!

I received the tentative DVD release schedule and my workshop is scheduled to come out May 1st.  I know, it's a long ways away.  I don't want to rush May to get here and they do say patience is a virtue :)  Everyone on the Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors teams work extremely hard and they do an amazing job!  I am so grateful to have had so many opportunities to be included and I know I've said that before, but I truly am.

So what happens between now and May???  I have a few tricks up my sleeve.  I will definitely be posting more FREE videos on this blog, I have a couple of big surprises that I'm working on that should be ready by January and I also have an article coming out in an upcoming e-Mag issue through Cloth Paper Scissors!  There is plenty going on and I want to focus more of my attention on my blog and the development of more ideas!!!  

Here are a couple of journal pages I am working on - 


Like I said, I'm still getting back in the groove LOL.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family and stay safe!!!


Friday, November 16, 2012

Loveland November 2012

What's a girl to do when she wants let go??!!??  Dance to all her favorite tunes on her iPod, that's what she does!!!!!  Woohoo!!!  It feels so good just to shake all the stress off from the past two months!

I've been hanging in my hotel room today catching my breath.  We taped the Cloth Paper Scissors Workshop DVD on Thursday and I swear it feels like I have given birth!!! (although I have nothing to base that assumption on LOL).  There are still a few commitments that I need to meet before the end of the year but maybe if I dance in the studio more frequently, I will get through it all :)

So now that I have created lots of stuff on large watercolor paper and most likely won't continue developing in large scale, I'm cutting down everything to journal size and boy have I got a lot of journal pages!!!

There are a lot of YUMMY pages and I want to drag out my deli papers and adhesive and start playing but there is limited space here.  Maybe just one or two pages :)

Thanks to Jenn Mason, Garrett Evans and Nick Stock, I made it through the taping and I'm sure they will work their editing magic to present a great workshop!  I'm super excited about this because I will now be able to follow up my Creating Personal Imagery 101 workshop on Photoshop Elements using all of the great techniques from the CPS Workshop DVD!!!  As I know more about the release date I will let you know.

Looking back over the past year, it's hard for me to believe how much I've accomplished!  I've been lucky enough to be invited to Loveland twice this year, I moved twice, landed in a great place, met so many talented people and truly feel like I have an artistic place in this world.  I'm still a baby bird getting used to flying but this little bird plans on growing big, strong wings to soar with!!!

Thanks to all my blog friends for hanging in there while I was silent these past couple of weeks and thank you so much Mom and Dad for always being there and supporting my ideas 100%!!  I couldn't have done it without you XOXOXOXOX


Friday, November 9, 2012

A Beautiful New Screen and Colorado Here I Come!

The best time to create new imagery is when you are working on other projects.  That's kind of how it goes for me.  One thing leads to another, then another and the pattern repeats itself.  I truly LUV, LUV, LUV this screen design and I think you will too!  I've included 2 variations for printing; a large print and a small print.  There are only 4 in stock right now so if they are sold out by the time you get to them, just leave me a comment here that you want one :)

These next few days are critical to me as I finalize and ready everything to head out to Colorado on Wednesday.  I will be working right up to the last minute on this one.  Keep your fingers crossed I get there and back without any major snowstorms!  I won't be driving the Camaro rental this time around either.  It's economy all the way on this trip!!!  

I still have a lot of work to do on other projects when I get back but plan on celebrating my 2nd DVD workshop taping with new videos and a great giveaway (which I haven't completely formulated yet)!  I'll let you know for sure!!!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Studio Sunday and Changing Space

There is a very big clock hanging over my head and it is ticking away.  Now I'm fighting a cold (not a surprise as everyone around me has been sick) and trying not to let it slow me down.  Yesterday I got a lot done and will be chipping away today again.  Next weekend will be all about rehearsing and making small changes to the script as I walk through everything over and over again.

My "superman" brother-in-law stopped by yesterday to drop this off!

My new bedroom! LOL  I know, you're thinking "she's lost her mind"!!  I sold my beautiful bedroom set and traded it for a 16-foot platform that I could use as a platform bed/not sure yet.  So everything that had previously been tucked in under the big studio table is now under the platform and will be well hidden by curtains down the road.

The studio is now wide open and will get bigger when I push the closet/design wall back towards the platform reducing the overall size of my bedroom area since all I do there is sleep and get dressed :)  I plan on rearranging the tables so that I can start holding workshops here in the new year.

I now have a real couch, thanks to Mom and Dad who were getting a new one for themselves!  Back to work on the Cloth Paper Scissors DVD material now.  I have been blog peeking even though I'm not commenting and I'm lovin' what I see!!!  Promise to be back in touch in a couple of weeks!!