Sunday, February 27, 2011

Studio Sunday

It's late afternoon and I am finally in the studio. We were blanketed with another layer of snow last night and it is slowly still coming down. This allowed my husband and I to enjoy our second cups of coffee in bed watching movies. So, today was off to a slow start. I'm fighting back a huge desire to take a nice long nap as I have many ideas and things to create. I spent a few hours last night trying to develop a few projects. I was excited about one of my digital monoprints so I was focusing on building it up and of course I used too much paint....again!!! I really need to work only in the daylight with paint because it is so easy to apply too much working under lamp light at night. Anywho, I won't give up on it and instead will build it up more until I either finish it or abandon it.

You can see the picture on the last post of my gelatin monoprint on fabric. I had fused sheer fabric down on that piece and was taking my time thinking more about its development. Well, I started going through my thermofax screens and ended up pulling one out and screening it on top of this print. Immediately after seeing the result, I was disappointed that I chose to do what I did with it but later on, after looking at it again and again, I think I actually like it. It makes me feel like the tree and bird are silhouetted against the setting sun. I think I may stitch the frame of a window around the image and see how that works.

I'm still working on further developing two other digital monoprints like the first image only in blues and greens. Having discovered a few things while working on the pink version, I think those will be more successful. In the midst of projects I already was working on, I created another one (which I am apt to do while ideas are coming to me) and I am developing this one as well.

I'm off to grab a Diet Coke and hope I can stop yawning so I can continue playing! Next weekend we will be in Pennsylvania so I had better plan for some projects to take with me ready for handwork. We will see! Here comes March.....spring is almost on our doorstep!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Studio Sunday time! I ended up spending a lot of time today on the computer designing more digital monoprints. I'm having a lot of fun with this and this week, I'm going to dedicate to nothing but stitch and embellishment. The images are coming easy but it's time to continue the development of the design on fabric. Before next weekend, I will also spend some time drawing/doodling to create some new digital brushes to be used with my digital monoprinting. I think I have exhausted the stem-leaf image I've been playing with.

This was one of the original monprints directly on fabric that I did a couple of weeks ago. It's ready for stitch and beading or whatever else comes to mind.

This is just a lot of fun play that I did with brushes and one of my photos layered in PE. This will be very interesting to develop! The last one below I have created in a few different colorways (the picture doesn't look as good as the printed fabric version).

I have to mention that just after waking this morning, I heard a new bird call I haven't heard before. This is a great sign! I think the birds have started returning! Although I know there will be plenty of cold and maybe snowy days ahead, this bird filled my heart with glee and put my brain on powerdrive just thinking about spring and how it's right around the corner.

Think spring and have a great week!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Digital Monoprinted Art Quilts

Well, I feel like I'm definitely creating today!!! My blood is flowing. The color is flowing. The sewing machines are burning up the oil! I'm really happy this morning because I feel like I have defined what I have been playing with and the direction I am going in currently.

I came into this after my gelatin monoprinting on fabric session last week. (That day I used up yards of beautiful white fabric.) I've always been intrigued with the way you can control the monoprint by laying down masks to create images within the print. This is what I have done digitally on this trio. In Photoshop Elements, I used my colorful digital collages and applied layers where I used brushes I created. The background under the initial image is white then the colorful image is layered on top of that and using the brush tool, I created the look of a monoprint by using white in the brush tool.

I love taking the brush and enlarging it and letting it disappear into the white background thus leaving the white cutout. This looks to me like a monoprint. It's very easy to get carried away with the color here. The blue image is my absolute favorite because of its simplicity even though the paint is intense. The pink one, a result of a happy accident, turned way too pink and I'm still trying to lighten it up. On the green one, I pushed the envelope too far and wish I could remove the leaves and stems I applied with free-motion embroidery. The burnout on the sheer is cool but too much on this small quilt. It draws the eye away from the central image. All of them could use more white!

Don't worry - I've already got a million ideas for the next ones. I have to remind myself to use the KISS method! (Keep It Simple Stupid) LOL
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Studio Sunday

So I'm feeling like Sundays are the studio day for me. I am trying to get everything done on Saturday so that I can have this one big block of time with as little interruptions as possible. Sounds selfish, I know, but very necessary.

Even with all this time today, I did a lot of staring off into my computer today and flipping through my stack of monoprints in the hopes that some idea would come to me. Well, finally it did (6:00 pm) and I'm really gearing up with it. I've got three new textile layouts very different from what I've done in the past and I'm really going to soak these for everything they've got. I have a good feeling that these will lead me in a new direction for a while.

This picture is the basis for one of the layouts. The imagery is all mine and with the help of Photoshop Elements, I'm creating these central images and then working my way outward in the same method I worked the six quilted collages that will be featured in the April/May Quilting Arts Magazine.

Stay tuned for more......

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowbound and Monoprinting

Most people I know complain about being snowbound. They are bored, they have to get out, they want to go shopping. Not me....I go to the studio!! In preparation for the "monster storm" that moved into New England yesterday, I got my supplies ready, made a gelatin printing plate, pulled out my paints and texturizing tools and I was good to go! Here are a couple of prints on fabric created using a cookie cutter to make small individual logs of gelatin because I just had to try it! I now have an abundance of these types of prints on fabric and on paper to play with.

I may need a little inspiration from Jane LaFazio on further developing these. For now, they are eye candy hanging on my design board!

On another note, I just got my contract for my article in Quilting Arts Magazine's April/May issue!! Woohoooooo! I'm finishing up another that I want to submit but don't expect it would be considered this year. That won't stop me!!! I am totally thrilled!!! Watch for me in the QA April/May issue and 101 Patchwork Projects both expected on the newsstand in the April to May timeframe!!!!!

I'm in bliss :)