Studio Sunday and Digital Collage

Welcome to Sunday!!  Stay in and stay cool today, it's going to be another hot one!  I've resigned myself to the A/C and I'm perfectly comfy in my loft.  Of course this weekend I've been working on pattern design but I took a little time out this morning to play with my digital collage elements.  I'm thinking this first one would look great quilted on a pillow cover with a little hand embroidery and light beading!!

 Everything you see in these two collages was created using one of my techniques such as tracing photos, scanning real leaves or making marks with paint and texturized pieces of cardboard or stamps I have made.  I've also started using some previously created collage copies that make for some really interesting brushes in Photoshop Elements.

Maine is on my mind today and my thoughts and prayers go out to Marty and Gail.  

Have a great and creative week and I'll see you back here next Sunday!



Leslie McNeil said…
ahh ~ there's my sunday 'margi-fix!' beautiful collages ~ you, girl, are a digital dream in full color! the orange and blue with highlight of purple... drama of black. perfect!
HollyM said…
Love them both but those colors in the first one sure do sing.
, it would make a beautiful pillow.
elle said…
Happy Sunday, Margi. No A/C and we are into hot. I am hoping to be done the gardening for a bit and move on to the fun stuff. You've been having fun. I like how the frame moves behind and then in front! :)
Adrian said…
Hey, Margaret, the colors are so intense - wow! Good to see you going forward in your art in so many ways. These really would make interesting panels of cloth for pillows.... Imagine that on a white sofa!