Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Yeah! It's Saturday, my favorite day of the week. I feel like spreading a little sunshine in between the thunderstorms that are moving through. I've been playing with these since last weekend. I think they are finally done.

Friday, May 30, 2008


Every Friday after work it seems like I find myself taking a big deep breath, pouring a glass of wine and curling up in my favorite chair. I think about all the free time I have in front of me and think about how I want to spend it. I try to maximize the time I have on the weekends to try new techniques, explore my thoughts and feelings, and puruse my many books and magazines for inspiration. Too soon the time is gone and Monday is in my face once again. I keep thinking about being at ArtFest back in April. I'm thrilled that I had the ability to take workshops with Misty Mawn, Lynne Perrella and Mary-Beth Shaw. My goal was to learn as much as I could about collage from these amazing artists. Unfortunately, I came home with great experiences, but knowing no more about collage than before I went. I think that some people just have a knack for putting images together. I find it easier to do digitally than I do on paper or fabric. The image here was made using a photo of the bottom of a head of garlic, a scan of an old piece of decorator fabric and a clip art image.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Free Monday

It's always GREAT to have a day off from work. Today, my friend Claire and I will be having an art play day. She will sew, I will collage and fill the entire day with creativity!
Amy Ropple is an amazing art quilt artist and you can see her work at . I saw her latest creation last night! She is starting a series on birds and I anticipate it to be FABULOUS!!!

Happy creating for anyone escaping from their normal responsibilities today! Have a great day!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

True 2 Me

Always be true to yourself. Always....

Today is the tomorrow

In this current life, we can't help but try to plan ahead and keep straight all that we have going on. I know if it weren't for Microsoft Outlook, I would never know what day it is. We are always worried - about today, about tomorrow, and we always recap our yesterdays.

Be You

I think it's really important to not let other people's opinions bother us. We have to be strong enough to let the bad stuff roll off and learn from the good and the bad. When it comes down to it, you determine who and what matters in your life. I thought this quote perfectly applies to anyone out there doing their own thing. Stay strong.

Now That I Know

It's Memorial Day weekend here in New England. The sun is shining bright and the temps are finally getting up there to a comfortable 70+. Instead of taking advantage of the beautiful weather, I've decided to launch my blog this weekend. I'm experimenting with collage and developing my own style. What I'm finding out about myself is that I'm not a journal keeper, an abstract painter or a fine artist. The inspiration for my collages comes from my personal experiences, images, colors, famous quotes (and some not so famous) and my current mood. Inspirational and motivational quotes about life, love, family, etc. are mostly the jumping off point for my artwork. Stay tuned as I post my scrap wisdom collages to share. This collage was generated from a sort of awakening that I have had over the past few weeks. The words in the collage were half from a song and half my own. Already printed it to fabric. We'll have to see where this goes.