Something About Maine...

"Maine...the way life should be!"

I'm a Down East girl for sure!  My family spent a lot of time in Maine.  My Mom's family is from Maine.  My Dad went to college in Maine originally for forestry and his family had property in Maine.  I spent every summer from birth to age 12 on the Penobscot River with my family, first, second, and third cousins and it was the best time of my life.  Castine is tattooed on my heart and everything about it encompasses my soul.  It's simply where I need to be.


There are significant changes being made and new threads are being woven that continue to bind my family to this area.  Nothing could make me happier than that!  The original family properties have been long sold but brief visits fill my soul to overflow again and again.  This week was about family.  Celebration and sadness.  Recalling the past, planning the future and looking to the sky in search of angels.

We touched the sky itself at 447 feet...

and again at 1600 feet and felt like we were on top of the world!

And we felt the power of the ocean, breathed in the salty air and looked off at the edge of the world through the Atlantic.

I have been away too long.

(Shots from the shores of the Penobscot River, observatory bridge overlooking Bucksport, the top of Cadillac Mountain, and Thunder Hole, Bar Harbor, Maine.)

Goodbye Marty, we will miss you. 


Leslie McNeil said…
it's truly beautiful, margi. sorry for your loss; glad your family could be together, and you, too. xo
HollyM said…
It looks to be a wonderful place! I too feel only complete when I'm near a coastline.
I too am sorry for your families loss. Take care.
elle said…
ooh, I can smell the air! Great post. To satisfy our souls is a great longing. Be blessed.
Carol said…
I can absolutely relate to your Maine comments!

Thanks for sharing!
What beautiful scenery! Looks like a wonderful place.