Sunday, January 30, 2011

In the studio

I haven't been able to get much done this week in the studio. I hate that. Today, I'm shutting myself in - collage, drawing, texturizing on paper but the fabric projects keep calling to me. I know I have to do a little of each to keep the energy flowing. And, there is a perfectly good project that is hanging on my design board that needs to be finished and submitted. That should take priority right now.

Today, I'm really inspired by Susie LaFond, Sylvia Naylor and, of course, DJ Pettitt. So off to the sewing machine I go!

For now, here is a not-so-great collage/drawing/painting. I think I should stick to drawing :)

Hope you are all having a great weekend!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday once again

Yes, it's Sunday again....15 degrees outside, bright sun, good memories from party last night, and one hot, piping, creamy and sweet big cup of coffee!! Yeah...that's how Sundays should go! I really want to create today so I will have to get away from my computer so I can play with some of my other resources. I really need to complete a good portrait sketch and incorporate it into a painted picture for Misty Mawn's workshop. I havn't sketched now for days and I don't want to get a way from it. However, my muse wants to play so I need to go with that.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, January 21, 2011

101 Patchwork Projects

As I send off my acceptance documents to Quilting Arts for their upcoming special publication, "101 Patchwork Project", I'm bursting with excitement!!! I'm so thrilled to have 2 of my submitted projects included in the publication!! I feel like I am back on track getting work out there and there is plenty more energy backing new ideas for further development!!

I'm currently drawing seriously with Misty Mawn and her "Stretching Within" on-line workshop and dabbling a little with Carla Sonheim and her "silliness". One successful drawing so far was taken from a blind sketch of a tree and then looking at the spaces created to find images. I found a funny bird right away and am going to have fun coloring in some other birds along with this one for a collage. Totally whimsical!! We'll see how that comes out.

Looking forward to the weekend for some serious studio time. Can't wait!!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

A day of drawing

I find that I am extremely productive when I multi-task around the house. I managed to create quite a few drawings, clean the bathroom, strip the bed, make chicken soup, make dinner, and dust. Of course, I never left the apartment today which is key to continually getting things done. If I get in the car and go out even for the quickest errand, I will go here, there and everywhere and waste a bunch of time where I could be in the studio or taking care of the mundane tasks :)

Today, I finally broke away from, or should I say broke into, a thought-free doodle session. I have to thank the Zentangle books for this one. The instructions really make it so easy to draw patterns and create complex images through drawing lines and filling in spaces. This drawing looked better without the watercolor (since the watercolor was kind of thrown on)and it was easy to shade. I pulled out one of my flower photos and added the sunflower. It was fun and I got to use my own image, which is the ultimate goal.

I do believe that this workshop has got me hooked on drawing daily, or as close to it as possible. The more I draw, the better I'll get.

And here we are at Sunday

I keep drawing and's fun but my shading is not improving. Any ideas???? Next week in Misty Mawn's class "Stretching Within", we will be moving onto painting (watercolor and acrylics). I'm excited!!!! I still need to work on contour drawing and I haven't completed any of the written assignments as prompts to draw a picture but I plan to really focus today on some of that.

Below is my niece, Noelle, but as you can see, doesn't look anything like her. I'm going to try that one again as a line drawing with just a bit of shading.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

More drawing..

Got a late start this morning. I ate some bad Chinese food last night and was up for a couple of hours during the night. I would have liked to get started drawing early but that didn't happen. Anyway, just worked away at this one. I get bored fast when it comes to adding all the shading. I need to start playing with contour drawing!!!! Misty Mawn has created an amazing class and the drawings are blowing me away!!! This is definitely a good move to stretch myself and bring something else into my artwork.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed in and sketching

I am totally mezmerized by the sketches that the members of the Stretching Within on-line class are posting on the Flicker group site! Everyone is at a different level in their drawing abilities and it is so interesting looking at every individual's depiction of similar items. Additionally, it is really cool to see what different types of things that everyone is choosing to draw outside of the suggested items. Really, really amazing! I backed up a little and did an apple and then an architectural sketch. Still like my swans the best yet but I will be diving into contour drawing and a self-portrait among other things. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beginning Sketch for Stretching Within

Nothing like going for broke on the first sketch. Now I have to pull myself back down to apples and line drawings.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I go through the week waiting for the weekend when I can be in my studio and be creative. Well, I finally get in here and there is way too much inspiration around me so now I'm hung up and can't focus on where to direct my energy. I finally picked up copies of the new Art Journalling and Somerset Studio and spent a good time yesterday going through both of the magazines. I'm glad I bought them because there are just sooooo many inspiring pages in these two issues! Dina Wakely, Roben-Marie Smith, Misty Mawn, LK Ludwig, Carrie Todd, and so many more!!! And through all of this visual candy that I am wading through, I've forced myself into a frozen lump and haven't moved away from my computer at all today but for 10 minutes to journal.

Sketchbook Challenge? Sooner or later I will start sketching....instead of painting and collage. Misty Mawn's "Stretching Within" on-line workshop starts tomorrow and I need to focus on that. Already, other members have been answering Misty's prompt to introduce ourselves using "I come from..".

I've been playing in PE and can always default to creating there while I am sitting on my butt. Off to do laundry and try to focus later on :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Sketchbook Challenge Begins!

I really am going to use this challenge to practice my drawing/sketching and expand on that. For today, a journal page in a cute board book I painted over. January's theme is "highly prized". There is plenty of inspiration to fill a month's worth of sketched pages.

Misty Mawn's workshop, "Stretching Within", begins on Monday and I'm totally jumping into that. I think January will be a month of paper instead of stitch. We will see!