Sunday, June 28, 2015


Are you ready to meet the GIRLS????





 It has been a long time coming and I can't tell you how excited I am!!!  There is one more stencil which I am saving to show on July 1st when all the collections go on sale at  Look for my video!!!!  Both Barbara and I will be doing videos for her Wednesday newsletter on July 1st so if you have never checked out the videos, venture over HERE!
The FREE GIVEAWAY deadline is Wednesday, July 1st at midnight EST.  Enter NOW!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Margaret Applin Designs Stencil Explosion and FREE GIVEAWAY

I am holding, in my hot little hands, MY NEW STENCILS!!!!  I can't believe it!! 

Margaret Applin Designs Premier Stencil Collections 2015
On my June 28th (next Sunday) blog post here, I will reveal and introduce you to all the collections!
Now for the...
Right here!  Right now!!!
I am giving away 2 full collections of each of Anastasia, Becca, Jess and Zoe.  That's 8 sets of collections!  Each collection contains three (3) 9" x 12" stencils valued at $30.00, except for the Zoe collection which consists of two (2) stencils instead of 3.
Here is how to enter:
Right-click on the image above and save it down to your computer.  Share this image on your blog, Facebook page, or Pin the image directly from my blog post here.  Leave a comment here on this blog post with a link to where you shared the image and you will be entered to win!!!  All entries must be posted no later than July 1, 2015.
You are encouraged to share the image on your blog, Facebook page, Pinterest, website or others as you want to and for every place you share it, leave another comment with the link and you will be entered again!  For instance, if you share it on Facebook and Pin it, you will be entered twice!  There is no limit to shares and entries.  Encourage your friends who love fiber arts, art quilting, textile designs, and surface pattern design to enter the giveaway too!
You must include a link back to my blog ( and include these hash tags:
#margaretapplindesigns, #stencils, #stencilexplosion, #Anastasia, #Becca, #Jess, #Zoe
The WINNERS will be announced here
on my blog on JULY 2nd.
On my June 28th (next Sunday) blog post here, I will reveal and introduce you to all the collections!
Mark your calendars and share away!!!!  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Margaret Applin Designs for Stencilease - Introducing the Bloom Collection

Tonight I introduce to you my BLOOM Collection for Stencilease!

Spring erupts in lush gardens full of buds and blooms in a rainbow of colors and endless shades of green.  Leafy vines grow rampant on brick fa├žades and tall garden trellis.  Bulbous flower heads with seemingly infinite layers of the softest petals spring from the earth to touch the sky and a stone path leads to a shady grove rich with moss and delicate shoots. 

My Bloom collection is a graphic representation of my favorite season through fun designs.  Add an organic touch to soften industrial lines with an accent wall that reaches to the sky.  Create your bathroom oasis with periwinkle wildflower walls or give Roman shades a fresh twist and a burst of color on your kitchen windows.  Bloom is a fresh and fun collection of designs that look sweet in the softest pastels or feminine and sophisticated in black and white.  What will you create?

That completes my two large-format stencil collections for Stencilease.  For pricing information and to purchase these stencils, click here.

Thanks again for stopping by and stay tuned for hand-made projects using these designs!



Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Margaret Applin Designs for Stencilease - Introducing Ancient Marks Collection

Well you know I have been bubbling over with excitement about my 2 large-format stencil collections licensed by Stencilease so the time is finally here to reveal the first of my collections!



Take a step back to the beginning of time through my Ancient Marks collection.  Explore the ruins of magical places.  Feel the texture of hand-cut tiles and decorative carvings having aged thousands of years.  Bring a touch of simple sophistication to your walls, floors, textiles and more with a set of coordinated stencils that speak the language of primitive decorative ornamentation.
Whether you choose to apply color subtly in earthen tones or saturated with vibrant hues, you will enjoy the patterns you can create with this collection.  Step outside your comfort zone and mix two together for a different look.  Repurpose a flea market find or carve the design in a decorative wood panel and don’t forget to make a couple of accent pillows, too.  The applications are endless!

Later this week I will share projects that I have completed using my Ancient Marks stencils.  These stencils are sold individually and range in size from 19.5" x 19.5" to 6" x 18" depending on the design.  For pricing information and to purchase any of these stencils, click here.
Next up...the introduction of my Bloom Collection.
Thanks for sharing my excitement! 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Studio Sunday Closing In on Margaret Applin Designs Stencil Explosion

I'm working away here in the studio (which looks like a disaster) on everything stencils!  I am expecting the release of the Stencilease collections tomorrow, however, I am waiting on confirmation and haven't yet connected with them.  If they launch tomorrow as expected, I will announce in a post tomorrow with lots of promotional pics!

Stencil Design Tools

Great news on the upcoming release of my personal line of stencils!  They have been cut!  They are shipping to Joggles' warehouse!  They will be available for SALE before the end of the month!!!!  I'm sooo totally excited!  A big shout out to Barbara at Joggles for making all this possible! 

Like I mentioned earlier, I am stenciling away here and constructing "stuff" to show!  I'm building lots of colorful promotional pics to help you see my vision for these great designs.  It will be impossible to show all of my ideas right away being a one-woman-shop but instructional videos will soon follow to share with you everything I am working on. 

Let me introduce you to the "girls"!  I decided on a naming convention of girls' names for my collections and here they are!

Becca is sweet and floral based with lots of curvy lines and shapes.

Jess is a little wild and southwest with Aztec influences.

Anastasia is renaissance in a soft, abstract kind of way.
Zoe is just fun, playful and easy going.

There is one more single stencil template that packs a punch of fun ways to apply and I will explaining all of that later.  Next weekend I will share more and announce a FREE GIVEAWAY!!!  Stay tuned and have a wonderful weekend!!!