Sunday, November 22, 2015

Studio Sunday and Watercolor Journaling

It feels like snow here today.  With temps in the 30's, the weather has started to feel more like winter is coming.  Time to tidy up the garage so I can pull my car in at night and think about Black Friday and shopping since Thanksgiving is coming up quick!  I found this awesome recipe on Pinterest for "One-Pot Autumn Herb Roasted Chicken with Butter Toasted Wild Rice" that might just be the replacement for turkey!  Check out the link if you are interested.  You have to scroll way down to get the actual recipe.

This week I've just been playing in my watercolor journals.  I cut a stencil on my Sizzix eclips2 that had over 1,700 tiny circles on it the size of the registration marks on my Medallion Master Templates and I have been "dotting" everything!  I love this instant texture stencil!

The other thing I've been playing with is painting ghost words.  Using a flat head brush, it's easy to get lettering onto the page.  Some words are brighter than others but I love using the lightest grey to sort of camouflage the writing so it doesn't stand out as much.  On the page below, you can see the grey words at the very bottom. 
The next step will be to pull out my Modern Calligraphy & Hand Lettering book, by Lisa Engelbrecht, and see if I can have a little more fun with the lettering. (We miss you Lisa!)
I'm just having fun exploring the layering of the watercolors and, of course, adding dots!  This is inspiring me to create some other fun stencil designs that I'm thinking I might offer as downloadable files on Etsy for people to use with their cutting machines or to hand-cut.  More on that coming soon.

Dots Dots Dots

I haven't decided what I want to make as a focal point on this page yet but I am loving the colors and the autumn/winter feel.

I hope you are all spending Thanksgiving with friends and family and good luck with the food preparations! 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Studio Sunday and Watercolor Stenciling

In following-up to my watercolor play that was inspired by Danielle Donaldson, I've gone crazy stenciling with watercolors!  I've created 2 journals so far and I'm having a blast experimenting with different brushes, new color palettes and layering. 

I started using Dylusions Ink Sprays and applying them through my stencils.  The colors were super vibrant as you can see on the covers above, but I got totally aggravated when I was rewetting the page and the ink would reactivate.  I wanted the color to stay and not change as I built layers so I switched to straight watercolors.  I layered the top of the Dylusion pages with Mod Podge to seal them and they made great covers.

I let loose with the watercolors and blended almost everything with Paynes Grey which I LOVE!  I used all my stencils including those that I haven't put up for sale commercially and I've got lots of ideas for new ones for this process.  You can find all of my stencils at under both the Joggles brand line and my own brand.  I have used a few from my StencilGirlProduct stencils as well.  Let me know if you have questions.

What I thought was a great technique was being able to lay the stencil over the dry watercolors afterwards to be able to pencil in some of the lines instead of drawing freehand (because I'm lazy).  You've probably seen me use this stencil below a million times (first as a thermofax screen and now as a stencil).  I was able to achieve the watercolor effect where the colors run together and create that essence of an image and then used my Pitt Pen to work the lines in.

One of my all time favorite stencil designs is my Sunflower stencil from the Joggles line.  The look I achieved here is exactly what I had hoped to.  By controlling the amount of water and type of brush used you can easily enhance or restrain the results you get from this technique.  I'll share more soon!

Below, you can see how much clearer the results are from the print above.  I absolutely love the natural tones as well as the purples and pinks and they grey brings all the colors together.

I want to create another journal using a limited palette like this.

Of course the Shooting Stars stencil made its way into the mix and it carried with it previously sprayed Dylusions Inks which added a nice little extra pop!

The cover was really what got me started because I loved the mess!

Dylusions on the left and watercolor on the right.

There is something so beautiful about watercolor stripes, not to mention the ability to create a coordinated page spread.  I'm sure I will be making more of these!

Tiny dots like the ones that are cut on my Medallion Master Templates are cool little details and I definitely want to build a full stencil design like that!

I am in love with the watercolor technique with stencils!  Whether you are going for a clear image or a nice wet and messy one, you can have it all!

Have a fantastic weekend and keep on creating!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Studio Sunday This and That and 20% Off Craft Daily

Happy November!  Wow it doesn't seem possible!  I didn't get a chance to post last weekend as I was traveling around the State of Maine, Down East, visiting family with my parents.  It was a great long weekend trip and way overdue.  We spent time with my Aunt and Uncle near Bangor and then over to Blue Hill to visit with my sister and her family.  Foliage was past peak on Rt. 95 but there were still great clusters of colors and beautiful "remnants" of the change of seasons.  I shared some of those photos on my Facebook page.

This weekend was all about getting my hands back in it and exploring and playing.  I finally got to do some collage work on the stenciled folders that I made back a couple of months ago.  I used everything from stencils to screen-printed deli papers and sheets of my digital artwork printed to paper.  It felt great!


Another thing I've been into is Danielle Donaldson's new book Creative Girl.  I love her watercolor techniques and her style, soooo cute.  So between the book and other on-line workshops I downloaded from the Northlight Shop, I've been playing with watercolor.  All three of these were produced well with clear instructions and up-close views.  Definitely check them out if your like Danielle's work.  The three workshops from Northlight are:

Creative Girl Workshop: Watercolor Story Blocks
Creative Girl Workshop: Watercolor Illustrations
Creative Girl Workshop: Watercolor Words.

These are a couple of watercolors I experimented with.  The bottom one with the luna moth stencil isn't quite finished.

One of the things that makes Danielle's colors so beautiful is that she carries one color into the next which ties them all together.  I haven't got the hang of that yet but I'm working on it.

Speaking of on-line workshops, I was notified this week that my own DVD workshops, Digital Design for Screen Printing and Paint, Print, Layer, Collage are both available on Craft Daily.  This website offers additional instructional videos for all types of crafting so check it out if you haven't been there before.  Use this code to receive 20% off any new subscription or download!


So check out Craft Daily and don't forget to use the code for savings!!!  Have a super creative weekend!