Studio Sunday

It's late afternoon and I am finally in the studio. We were blanketed with another layer of snow last night and it is slowly still coming down. This allowed my husband and I to enjoy our second cups of coffee in bed watching movies. So, today was off to a slow start. I'm fighting back a huge desire to take a nice long nap as I have many ideas and things to create. I spent a few hours last night trying to develop a few projects. I was excited about one of my digital monoprints so I was focusing on building it up and of course I used too much paint....again!!! I really need to work only in the daylight with paint because it is so easy to apply too much working under lamp light at night. Anywho, I won't give up on it and instead will build it up more until I either finish it or abandon it.

You can see the picture on the last post of my gelatin monoprint on fabric. I had fused sheer fabric down on that piece and was taking my time thinking more about its development. Well, I started going through my thermofax screens and ended up pulling one out and screening it on top of this print. Immediately after seeing the result, I was disappointed that I chose to do what I did with it but later on, after looking at it again and again, I think I actually like it. It makes me feel like the tree and bird are silhouetted against the setting sun. I think I may stitch the frame of a window around the image and see how that works.

I'm still working on further developing two other digital monoprints like the first image only in blues and greens. Having discovered a few things while working on the pink version, I think those will be more successful. In the midst of projects I already was working on, I created another one (which I am apt to do while ideas are coming to me) and I am developing this one as well.

I'm off to grab a Diet Coke and hope I can stop yawning so I can continue playing! Next weekend we will be in Pennsylvania so I had better plan for some projects to take with me ready for handwork. We will see! Here comes March.....spring is almost on our doorstep!!