Snowbound and Monoprinting

Most people I know complain about being snowbound. They are bored, they have to get out, they want to go shopping. Not me....I go to the studio!! In preparation for the "monster storm" that moved into New England yesterday, I got my supplies ready, made a gelatin printing plate, pulled out my paints and texturizing tools and I was good to go! Here are a couple of prints on fabric created using a cookie cutter to make small individual logs of gelatin because I just had to try it! I now have an abundance of these types of prints on fabric and on paper to play with.

I may need a little inspiration from Jane LaFazio on further developing these. For now, they are eye candy hanging on my design board!

On another note, I just got my contract for my article in Quilting Arts Magazine's April/May issue!! Woohoooooo! I'm finishing up another that I want to submit but don't expect it would be considered this year. That won't stop me!!! I am totally thrilled!!! Watch for me in the QA April/May issue and 101 Patchwork Projects both expected on the newsstand in the April to May timeframe!!!!!

I'm in bliss :)