Digital Monoprinted Art Quilts

Well, I feel like I'm definitely creating today!!! My blood is flowing. The color is flowing. The sewing machines are burning up the oil! I'm really happy this morning because I feel like I have defined what I have been playing with and the direction I am going in currently.

I came into this after my gelatin monoprinting on fabric session last week. (That day I used up yards of beautiful white fabric.) I've always been intrigued with the way you can control the monoprint by laying down masks to create images within the print. This is what I have done digitally on this trio. In Photoshop Elements, I used my colorful digital collages and applied layers where I used brushes I created. The background under the initial image is white then the colorful image is layered on top of that and using the brush tool, I created the look of a monoprint by using white in the brush tool.

I love taking the brush and enlarging it and letting it disappear into the white background thus leaving the white cutout. This looks to me like a monoprint. It's very easy to get carried away with the color here. The blue image is my absolute favorite because of its simplicity even though the paint is intense. The pink one, a result of a happy accident, turned way too pink and I'm still trying to lighten it up. On the green one, I pushed the envelope too far and wish I could remove the leaves and stems I applied with free-motion embroidery. The burnout on the sheer is cool but too much on this small quilt. It draws the eye away from the central image. All of them could use more white!

Don't worry - I've already got a million ideas for the next ones. I have to remind myself to use the KISS method! (Keep It Simple Stupid) LOL
Hope you are having a great weekend!