Studio Sunday time! I ended up spending a lot of time today on the computer designing more digital monoprints. I'm having a lot of fun with this and this week, I'm going to dedicate to nothing but stitch and embellishment. The images are coming easy but it's time to continue the development of the design on fabric. Before next weekend, I will also spend some time drawing/doodling to create some new digital brushes to be used with my digital monoprinting. I think I have exhausted the stem-leaf image I've been playing with.

This was one of the original monprints directly on fabric that I did a couple of weeks ago. It's ready for stitch and beading or whatever else comes to mind.

This is just a lot of fun play that I did with brushes and one of my photos layered in PE. This will be very interesting to develop! The last one below I have created in a few different colorways (the picture doesn't look as good as the printed fabric version).

I have to mention that just after waking this morning, I heard a new bird call I haven't heard before. This is a great sign! I think the birds have started returning! Although I know there will be plenty of cold and maybe snowy days ahead, this bird filled my heart with glee and put my brain on powerdrive just thinking about spring and how it's right around the corner.

Think spring and have a great week!!!