A day of drawing

I find that I am extremely productive when I multi-task around the house. I managed to create quite a few drawings, clean the bathroom, strip the bed, make chicken soup, make dinner, and dust. Of course, I never left the apartment today which is key to continually getting things done. If I get in the car and go out even for the quickest errand, I will go here, there and everywhere and waste a bunch of time where I could be in the studio or taking care of the mundane tasks :)

Today, I finally broke away from, or should I say broke into, a thought-free doodle session. I have to thank the Zentangle books for this one. The instructions really make it so easy to draw patterns and create complex images through drawing lines and filling in spaces. This drawing looked better without the watercolor (since the watercolor was kind of thrown on)and it was easy to shade. I pulled out one of my flower photos and added the sunflower. It was fun and I got to use my own image, which is the ultimate goal.

I do believe that this workshop has got me hooked on drawing daily, or as close to it as possible. The more I draw, the better I'll get.


MB Shaw said…
Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog :) Perhaps I will see you at AF this year.