I go through the week waiting for the weekend when I can be in my studio and be creative. Well, I finally get in here and there is way too much inspiration around me so now I'm hung up and can't focus on where to direct my energy. I finally picked up copies of the new Art Journalling and Somerset Studio and spent a good time yesterday going through both of the magazines. I'm glad I bought them because there are just sooooo many inspiring pages in these two issues! Dina Wakely, Roben-Marie Smith, Misty Mawn, LK Ludwig, Carrie Todd, and so many more!!! And through all of this visual candy that I am wading through, I've forced myself into a frozen lump and haven't moved away from my computer at all today but for 10 minutes to journal.

Sketchbook Challenge? Sooner or later I will start sketching....instead of painting and collage. Misty Mawn's "Stretching Within" on-line workshop starts tomorrow and I need to focus on that. Already, other members have been answering Misty's prompt to introduce ourselves using "I come from..".

I've been playing in PE and can always default to creating there while I am sitting on my butt. Off to do laundry and try to focus later on :)