101 Patchwork Projects

As I send off my acceptance documents to Quilting Arts for their upcoming special publication, "101 Patchwork Project", I'm bursting with excitement!!! I'm so thrilled to have 2 of my submitted projects included in the publication!! I feel like I am back on track getting work out there and there is plenty more energy backing new ideas for further development!!

I'm currently drawing seriously with Misty Mawn and her "Stretching Within" on-line workshop and dabbling a little with Carla Sonheim and her "silliness". One successful drawing so far was taken from a blind sketch of a tree and then looking at the spaces created to find images. I found a funny bird right away and am going to have fun coloring in some other birds along with this one for a collage. Totally whimsical!! We'll see how that comes out.

Looking forward to the weekend for some serious studio time. Can't wait!!