Studio Sunday and Changing Space

There is a very big clock hanging over my head and it is ticking away.  Now I'm fighting a cold (not a surprise as everyone around me has been sick) and trying not to let it slow me down.  Yesterday I got a lot done and will be chipping away today again.  Next weekend will be all about rehearsing and making small changes to the script as I walk through everything over and over again.

My "superman" brother-in-law stopped by yesterday to drop this off!

My new bedroom! LOL  I know, you're thinking "she's lost her mind"!!  I sold my beautiful bedroom set and traded it for a 16-foot platform that I could use as a platform bed/not sure yet.  So everything that had previously been tucked in under the big studio table is now under the platform and will be well hidden by curtains down the road.

The studio is now wide open and will get bigger when I push the closet/design wall back towards the platform reducing the overall size of my bedroom area since all I do there is sleep and get dressed :)  I plan on rearranging the tables so that I can start holding workshops here in the new year.

I now have a real couch, thanks to Mom and Dad who were getting a new one for themselves!  Back to work on the Cloth Paper Scissors DVD material now.  I have been blog peeking even though I'm not commenting and I'm lovin' what I see!!!  Promise to be back in touch in a couple of weeks!!


elle said…
Brilliant. You only need room to roll over and turn around! LOL Things are looking good, Margi! Think 'warm' thoughts and not 'cold'.
Adrian said…
Cool idea! Sometimes less is more!
I hope you feel better soon. Remember to center yourself, draw deep breaths and see yourself healthy and happy. That re-alignment will keep you going with lots of time and energy to spare.
HollyM said…
With all your stress and hard work, it probably made you more open to a cold as well. I've always wanted a platform bed. I like their modern simplicity. I might fall out of one like yours though! Just think, the monster under the bed is not a monster, it's art supplies! How inspiring!
Get well soon! I know you'll do great!
Sputnikk said…
Love the place and the creative feel. All the tables, all the space, all the stencils. Wow. So much to do!!! Inspiring!!!

And the couch looks VERY comfortable. :)