Loveland November 2012

What's a girl to do when she wants let go??!!??  Dance to all her favorite tunes on her iPod, that's what she does!!!!!  Woohoo!!!  It feels so good just to shake all the stress off from the past two months!

I've been hanging in my hotel room today catching my breath.  We taped the Cloth Paper Scissors Workshop DVD on Thursday and I swear it feels like I have given birth!!! (although I have nothing to base that assumption on LOL).  There are still a few commitments that I need to meet before the end of the year but maybe if I dance in the studio more frequently, I will get through it all :)

So now that I have created lots of stuff on large watercolor paper and most likely won't continue developing in large scale, I'm cutting down everything to journal size and boy have I got a lot of journal pages!!!

There are a lot of YUMMY pages and I want to drag out my deli papers and adhesive and start playing but there is limited space here.  Maybe just one or two pages :)

Thanks to Jenn Mason, Garrett Evans and Nick Stock, I made it through the taping and I'm sure they will work their editing magic to present a great workshop!  I'm super excited about this because I will now be able to follow up my Creating Personal Imagery 101 workshop on Photoshop Elements using all of the great techniques from the CPS Workshop DVD!!!  As I know more about the release date I will let you know.

Looking back over the past year, it's hard for me to believe how much I've accomplished!  I've been lucky enough to be invited to Loveland twice this year, I moved twice, landed in a great place, met so many talented people and truly feel like I have an artistic place in this world.  I'm still a baby bird getting used to flying but this little bird plans on growing big, strong wings to soar with!!!

Thanks to all my blog friends for hanging in there while I was silent these past couple of weeks and thank you so much Mom and Dad for always being there and supporting my ideas 100%!!  I couldn't have done it without you XOXOXOXOX



HollyM said…
Good for you , Margaret for knowing how to let the stress go and having fun while doing it. You have done a lot this year.
Welcome back. I like your haircut too!
elle said…
Dosey do and away you go! Fantastic. Fling and fly! I want to know about this dvd. I want to move my abilities ahead and fly along behind you. Congratulations on your flight plan so far!
Hey CUTIE! Are you CUTTIN UP A RUG in there?!!! YES!!! Do it! enJOY the fruits of your labor! LOL
Gill said…
Congratulations Margaret and keep dancing!!
I'm so happy to hear you are dancing...that means all went well. You deserve everything your artsy heart desires Margaret...grab the moon!!!
Yvonne said…
WooHoo....I'm so happy for you!!!!
Adrian said…
Happy Days! Oh you sound so happy and that is such a good thing. Only good follows good and you are on a roll! Yeahhhhh! YGG! Lots and lots of love to you and your new arting adventures.
jackie said…
It all sounds really exciting and you sound to be making the most of it.Keep on dancing.