Margaret Applin Designs Stencil Explosion and FREE GIVEAWAY

I am holding, in my hot little hands, MY NEW STENCILS!!!!  I can't believe it!! 

Margaret Applin Designs Premier Stencil Collections 2015
On my June 28th (next Sunday) blog post here, I will reveal and introduce you to all the collections!
Now for the...
Right here!  Right now!!!
I am giving away 2 full collections of each of Anastasia, Becca, Jess and Zoe.  That's 8 sets of collections!  Each collection contains three (3) 9" x 12" stencils valued at $30.00, except for the Zoe collection which consists of two (2) stencils instead of 3.
Here is how to enter:
Right-click on the image above and save it down to your computer.  Share this image on your blog, Facebook page, or Pin the image directly from my blog post here.  Leave a comment here on this blog post with a link to where you shared the image and you will be entered to win!!!  All entries must be posted no later than July 1, 2015.
You are encouraged to share the image on your blog, Facebook page, Pinterest, website or others as you want to and for every place you share it, leave another comment with the link and you will be entered again!  For instance, if you share it on Facebook and Pin it, you will be entered twice!  There is no limit to shares and entries.  Encourage your friends who love fiber arts, art quilting, textile designs, and surface pattern design to enter the giveaway too!
You must include a link back to my blog ( and include these hash tags:
#margaretapplindesigns, #stencils, #stencilexplosion, #Anastasia, #Becca, #Jess, #Zoe
The WINNERS will be announced here
on my blog on JULY 2nd.
On my June 28th (next Sunday) blog post here, I will reveal and introduce you to all the collections!
Mark your calendars and share away!!!!  Have a great weekend!


elle said…
How exciting! Sew happy for you. You have combined a couple of your luvs and that surely is a sweet spot. I shall be sharing where I can and I'll be back to let you know. woo hoo!!!! Good luck with your girls!!!!!
Robin Broitman said…
These look fantastic...just promoted them on one of my Pinterest boards:
elle said…
I have you on FB- :)
Anonymous said…
Love your stencils . So far have shared on Pinterest and will put on Facebook right away.
Thanks for the chance to win
Debra G.
Deb B. said…
Just posted on my business facebook page
Deb berkebile
Deb B. said…
Posted on my facebook page
Deb B. said…
Pinned on my pinterest account
Deb B. said…
Blogged about it!
elle said…
pinned to my pinterest board, Margi!
elle said…
AND, I blogged at!
Just shared this great opportunity on my Facebook page.
Posted on my FB page!
Your new stencils are so beautifully designed! Such creative patterns, and sweet congratulations to you; I know you have worked hard!! I'm so excited for you!
I posted on my facebook Margi, but I'm not sure about how to do a link!! Here's the best I got:
and i pinned your picture on pinterest! here's the link to my pinterest board "mixed media techniques" {I hope!} ...
Anonymous said…
This is so exciting!! Shared to my Facebook page and also with my sisters :)
Loooove your stencils!! I have posted your link on Pinterest and I think I have the link correct here - this is a new one for me but I think I have it right..
I have posted it on Fb as well, but can't seem to get that link correct to here here with you....opps...
The FB link is