Studio Sunday Closing In on Margaret Applin Designs Stencil Explosion

I'm working away here in the studio (which looks like a disaster) on everything stencils!  I am expecting the release of the Stencilease collections tomorrow, however, I am waiting on confirmation and haven't yet connected with them.  If they launch tomorrow as expected, I will announce in a post tomorrow with lots of promotional pics!

Stencil Design Tools

Great news on the upcoming release of my personal line of stencils!  They have been cut!  They are shipping to Joggles' warehouse!  They will be available for SALE before the end of the month!!!!  I'm sooo totally excited!  A big shout out to Barbara at Joggles for making all this possible! 

Like I mentioned earlier, I am stenciling away here and constructing "stuff" to show!  I'm building lots of colorful promotional pics to help you see my vision for these great designs.  It will be impossible to show all of my ideas right away being a one-woman-shop but instructional videos will soon follow to share with you everything I am working on. 

Let me introduce you to the "girls"!  I decided on a naming convention of girls' names for my collections and here they are!

Becca is sweet and floral based with lots of curvy lines and shapes.

Jess is a little wild and southwest with Aztec influences.

Anastasia is renaissance in a soft, abstract kind of way.
Zoe is just fun, playful and easy going.

There is one more single stencil template that packs a punch of fun ways to apply and I will explaining all of that later.  Next weekend I will share more and announce a FREE GIVEAWAY!!!  Stay tuned and have a wonderful weekend!!!