Studio Sunday December Push

It snowed yesterday but it still doesn't feel like "the season".  Things are super busy here at Western Avenue Studios as the parking lot was full yesterday which is a good sign for all those artists who are participating in Holiday Open Studios.  The studios are open to the public this weekend and next weekend for the holiday shoppers and it looks like they are enjoying it!  I am not opening my studio this weekend as I still have too much to do with looming deadlines.  I'm super grateful for the work but I feel that push and it will last through the entire month with Christmas to prepare for on the heels of my completed deadlines.

I've been creating lots of work but can't share it yet.  From the latest issue of Quilting Arts Magazine, here are three pieces I made that were literal examples of transitioning sketchbook pages to fabric.  My screen-printed deli papers were adhered directly to the fabric, then additional screen printing, painting and stitch were added to the layers.  

On this piece, I was using one of my favorite screens to print randomly to the fabric and mixing in different paint colors as I printed.  I love the end result as it makes me feel like winter winds are rushing through the trees after a snowfall.  I stitched over the entire piece following the unpainted lines of the branches and leaves.  I think I should add a little Jones Tones foil to this piece to add a little "frosty" appearance.

I hope everyone is having a low-stress weekend and I promise to catch up when I'm done with everything here !



elle said…
Nice but that last one is scrumptious! I am luving using the deli paper especially with stitching! yum! You can only do what you can do so chillax and enjoy the swirls!
I loved your QA article. And I'm loving all these little works of art. I really like that leafy/swirly screen!!!
Leslie McNeil said…
The QA article was something I spotted immediately with 'oohs and ahhs' - and I haven't really had a chance to jump in with your wonderful screens. Your work is delightful, but I also hope you have some time to simply enJOY as well... xo
Sandy said…
Loved the QA article and your joggles class. That's a great design.
Jenny said…
These are so pretty. That deli paper is wonderful stuff. I have been using some this morning to create interesting scratches in a painting!