Catching Up

What day is it?  What month is it?  This is exactly how I've felt for the past 3 months and I'm finally nearing the finish line.  Trying to be a full-time artist while working a full-time job is quite the challenge as I'm sure many of your know.  I'm finally coming to the end of my list of art deadlines and soon will have lots to share on that! Here are a couple of small paper art quilts that I created for an on-line workshop that I was hosting through

They were lots of fun to make and I plan to work on more like this!  Using dyed paper towels and paper towels from clean ups, stamps and stencils, I quilted them onto a base of cotton batting.  Second one is not finished yet and I plan on adding more embellishments as I make more of them.

LuAnn Kessi gave me permission to share this picture with you.  I was so excited when I saw my screen-printed images in her homework assignment monochromatic piece for a dying workshop she is taking!  To see more of LuAnn's work, visit her blog here.  I love LuAnn's work so go check her out if you haven't yet!!

Have a great weekend everyone and I will check back tomorrow!



elle said…
Morning, Margi. Have you had coffee yet? Tis a busy time and soon you'll be giving a big sigh as you sip and know you have time to choose between some fun creative slower paced options. You are doing great. I'm saving paper towels! ;^)
HollyM said…
Love those paper collages! I had a quick look at Luann's and bookmarked it. What gorgeous quilt she is making!
I hope you'll soon get a chance to breathe and relax.
Leslie McNeil said…
I've always loved watching LuAnn's blog, and her delightful fabric dying and more... your days are more than busy, and designs are beautiful... and they look like the kind of time you are putting in, too. always a fan ~ blessings girl. Don't forget to breathe!XO
Monica said…
I admire you, doing two jobs at the same time!
Can't wait to hear/see more.