Every Friday after work it seems like I find myself taking a big deep breath, pouring a glass of wine and curling up in my favorite chair. I think about all the free time I have in front of me and think about how I want to spend it. I try to maximize the time I have on the weekends to try new techniques, explore my thoughts and feelings, and puruse my many books and magazines for inspiration. Too soon the time is gone and Monday is in my face once again. I keep thinking about being at ArtFest back in April. I'm thrilled that I had the ability to take workshops with Misty Mawn, Lynne Perrella and Mary-Beth Shaw. My goal was to learn as much as I could about collage from these amazing artists. Unfortunately, I came home with great experiences, but knowing no more about collage than before I went. I think that some people just have a knack for putting images together. I find it easier to do digitally than I do on paper or fabric. The image here was made using a photo of the bottom of a head of garlic, a scan of an old piece of decorator fabric and a clip art image.


MB Shaw said…
Darlin', you have your own brilliant knack for putting things together too - the image you have posted here is amazingly creative! Geez, who would guess it's a head of garlic.
I don't know if you have the book by Gerald Brommer, "Collage Techniques, A guide for artists and illustrators." It is absolutely *the* best book ever, starts pretty much from the beginning and covers every aspect of collage I would highly recommend it.
Have a wonderful weekend.