Now That I Know

It's Memorial Day weekend here in New England. The sun is shining bright and the temps are finally getting up there to a comfortable 70+. Instead of taking advantage of the beautiful weather, I've decided to launch my blog this weekend. I'm experimenting with collage and developing my own style. What I'm finding out about myself is that I'm not a journal keeper, an abstract painter or a fine artist. The inspiration for my collages comes from my personal experiences, images, colors, famous quotes (and some not so famous) and my current mood. Inspirational and motivational quotes about life, love, family, etc. are mostly the jumping off point for my artwork. Stay tuned as I post my scrap wisdom collages to share. This collage was generated from a sort of awakening that I have had over the past few weeks. The words in the collage were half from a song and half my own. Already printed it to fabric. We'll have to see where this goes.