Studio Sunday This and That and 20% Off Craft Daily

Happy November!  Wow it doesn't seem possible!  I didn't get a chance to post last weekend as I was traveling around the State of Maine, Down East, visiting family with my parents.  It was a great long weekend trip and way overdue.  We spent time with my Aunt and Uncle near Bangor and then over to Blue Hill to visit with my sister and her family.  Foliage was past peak on Rt. 95 but there were still great clusters of colors and beautiful "remnants" of the change of seasons.  I shared some of those photos on my Facebook page.

This weekend was all about getting my hands back in it and exploring and playing.  I finally got to do some collage work on the stenciled folders that I made back a couple of months ago.  I used everything from stencils to screen-printed deli papers and sheets of my digital artwork printed to paper.  It felt great!


Another thing I've been into is Danielle Donaldson's new book Creative Girl.  I love her watercolor techniques and her style, soooo cute.  So between the book and other on-line workshops I downloaded from the Northlight Shop, I've been playing with watercolor.  All three of these were produced well with clear instructions and up-close views.  Definitely check them out if your like Danielle's work.  The three workshops from Northlight are:

Creative Girl Workshop: Watercolor Story Blocks
Creative Girl Workshop: Watercolor Illustrations
Creative Girl Workshop: Watercolor Words.

These are a couple of watercolors I experimented with.  The bottom one with the luna moth stencil isn't quite finished.

One of the things that makes Danielle's colors so beautiful is that she carries one color into the next which ties them all together.  I haven't got the hang of that yet but I'm working on it.

Speaking of on-line workshops, I was notified this week that my own DVD workshops, Digital Design for Screen Printing and Paint, Print, Layer, Collage are both available on Craft Daily.  This website offers additional instructional videos for all types of crafting so check it out if you haven't been there before.  Use this code to receive 20% off any new subscription or download!


So check out Craft Daily and don't forget to use the code for savings!!!  Have a super creative weekend!



HollyM said…
I've got your video and it's one of the best I've seen!
elle said…
hmm, might be time to run you through the machine again! LOL
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