Doodling and Paper Cutting for Design

It's Saturday and sunny in the studio!  That is always good for encouraging fun design play.  Remember a couple of posts ago when I was talking about the cool books by Kanako Yaguchi about paper cutting stencils?  Well, of course I had to get her second book, The Art of Decorative Paper Stencils 2 (Quarry Books) because I was inspired by her first book and, well, you know how that goes!  Find it here.

The thing that I really like about playing with paper-cut stencils is how it prompts more ideas for developing personal imagery.  The digital layout above started this way...

First, I took a piece of paper, folded it once and randomly started cutting leaf-like shapes into it so it looked like this.


When I opened it up, I had a new shape. 
From there, I traced a line around one edge of the image, extended the curvy lines, scanned that line into the computer (which could more easily be done if you have a Bamboo tablet to draw from, which I do but was too lazy to find) and that line was duplicated, flipped and joined to the other one.  So, in essence, you have a symetrical design.  The image was then filled in black, converted to a brush in PE7 and repeatedly stamped across my layout.

When I settled on my new image layout, I then stamped other brushes I created in white to create this distressed version with flowers, doodles, scratchy lines and other marks.  This entire layout was transformed to a brush and I used it between some layers on the final image above.

hmmmmm.....I'm thinking new Thermofax screen????


Yes. Definitely. Yes. New screen + your design=FABULOUS. How soon?! LOL LOVE it. Amazed. What a lovely! THANK you for sharing!
Oh good grief yes!!! New screens are a must. Love this cutout shape and your digital play!
elle said…
paper cutting 101. You make this look so easy. But how very cool!
Ann said…
Loved seeing how it evolved. So many possibilities. Brilliant!