Margaret Applin Designs new line of stencils at 
On sale July 1, 2015


Also purchase my stencils at:


Current designs include:

Circle Play (6" x 6")

Grid A1 (6" x 6")

Heart Swirl (6" x 6")

Heart and Flowers (6" x 6")

Heart and Vines (6" x 6")

Heart Striped (6" x 6")

Valentine of Mine (9" x 12")

Framed #1  (9" x 12")

Leaf Poetry  (9" x 12")

Church Windows  (9" x 12")

More coming soon.....


RuthannMoly said…
Thanks, Margaret, for your wonderful download from Interweave. I'm working in b&w these days and it was a wealth of information to enhance these collages.

Do you think you will be distributing Print,Paint, Collage in DVD? It's such a nuisance to deal with slow downloads. Thanks.