Floral Inspiration

I'm surprised that I am not someone with a green thumb.  You would think that as inspired as I am by all things floral that I would be planting flowers everywhere I go just to be surrounded by them always.  Well, it's not the case.  However, yesterday I did purchase a fuchsia plant so I could look at it up close and take pictures.

Nothing amazes me more than the incredible beauty of flowers!  How does something so beautifully complicated happen so easily in nature?  How does a single blossom contain so many petals that ripple and bend not to mention different colors and shapes?  In just one blossom????  

I am completely mesmerized by this plant!  Every single bud is a hidden treasure waiting to explode into this incredible dance of color and movement!  

All of my artwork lately has been inspired by flowers.  I think there is an endless source of natural beauty that can be captured realistically as well as in a stylized format.  I always seem to be internally torn on how I want my artwork to be represented.  Sometimes I don't have a choice and my drawings will turn out more realistic than I want and sometimes, pushing the envelope, I can loosen up enough and create something more stylized.  

I don't try to draw realistically but because I don't do it often enough (something I intend to change), the results are more realistic.  It's when I scan my drawings into Photoshop and Illustrator that things start to morph.  This is the part I really love!  The digital experimentation with techniques is the part I love best about creating.  I spend hours in Illustrator breaking designs down into pieces, rebuilding them in different formats and exploring color at the same time.

This is what I love!  

I've made my peace with art licensing and know that I could never keep up the pace that the millions of incredible artists do who are constantly striving to license their artwork, but  I can still live the dream at my own pace.  This is the best part.  I'm not competing with anyone else, just doing my own thing at my own pace.  Finding vendors to drop-ship and opening up my Etsy shop again after years away from selling my artwork was a huge bonus for me.  Now I can sell my artwork the way I want to without approvals or deadlines.

I'm off to draw more flowers and explore more designs with them!  

Happy Memorial Day and special Thank You's to all those serving in our military today and having served in the past!  We miss you Paul Wheeler!  xoxoxoxox



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