Fearless Face Stencil Design System Release 2

Well, for sure I have fallen off the blog planet.  Can't explain why other than just life is so busy.  Looking back to January, Barbara Donahay (Joggles.com), her husband Dave, Virginia England and myself exhibited at the CHA 2017 show!  This was a ton of work but what a rewarding experience!

Up until then, I had been working hard on the second release of the Fearless Face Stencil Design System which proved to be a big hit at the show.  We were demonstrating the products for 3 days at the show and saw a bunch of familiar faces as well as met tons of new and inspiring people!  That is always the best part of these types of shows.

Here are work-in-process torsos that I created with the Fearless Face stencils which now includes masks, wings, and shoulders, arms and hands.  Trust me, you can't design a beautiful face faster and easier than with these stencils!  If you haven't seen them yet, check out the designs HERE at Joggles.com. There are 41 stencils that include all designs for all 3 face sizes.  Also, check out Barbara's latest video talking all about them, below:

Along with the stencils, I've created instructional PDFs that explain how to go from a stencil sketch to your final beautiful drawing.  See the links here to the Joggles site where they currently sit.  I will be posting them here on my blog for easy access as well.

I've got a special project that I am working on for the next couple of weeks which will take most of my time and then I will be back to making videos to demonstrate even more fun that you can have with the Fearless Face Stencil Design System!!!



HollyM said…
These are fanrtastic. I can see how they'd have a very wide appeal. I can just imagine young girls using them and embellishing. How fun!