NEW RELEASE! Fearless Face Stencil System - The easiest way to create beautiful faces!

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Check out my new face designing stencils!  This is a fantastic set of stencils!!!  I have made it soooo easy for you to create beautiful faces to incorporate into your artwork!  All stencils are 6" x 9" making them very affordable as always is!  Check out all the options:

2 Face Shapes
3 Face Sizes
6 Face Styles
3 Hairstyles
Braids and Ponytails
5 Hats
2 Crowns
2 Headbands
and 3 styles of Eyeglasses

I have always wanted to create faces so I finally took the leap and developed a set of stencils that would allow me to create cute faces quickly and easily and in 3 different sizes.  The faces range in size from Large - 4 ½” x 3”, Medium - 3 ½” x 2 ½” and Small - 2 ½” x 1 ¾”.  I pushed beyond my initial design ideas to add hats, hair and even glasses!  I’m super excited to introduce these great easy-to-use stencils to create beautiful faces for your art projects! 

These designs are somewhat graphic and semi-realistic in nature, but they can easily be transformed into more realistic features depending on the type of media you are using to create them.  I really like this versatility as it opens up so many more opportunities for the look and feel that you can create in the face designs.  Sometimes I want to create a very graphic look by stenciling black paint for the eyes, nose and lips and other times I enjoy creating with just my pencils for a sketched look.

One of the coolest results of creating endless face designs with these stencils is the character design story that you can develop along with your drawing!  Every time I create a new face, the character starts to develop.  I start thinking about who this girl (or boy) is or who she wants to be, what her interests, dreams and goals are, and what her personality is like.  All of a sudden, this incredible character comes to life!

Check them out at today!

I guarantee you will have as much fun as I do creating with these stencils!!!

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Diane said…
So very cool Margaret.