Flora & Fonds New Stencils and Masks!

Wow!  I guess I have been on an extended vacation and I didn't even know it!  I wouldn't be surprised if you thought I abandoned you.  Nope!  I'm here and have been really busy working away and I even have NEWS!

My new collection of Flora & Fronds, 6" x 9" stencils and masks are available on Joggles.com.  I totally missed a post on this because I was already working on MORE NEW STENCILS when they came out.  So believe it or not, I'm now just exploring these stencils and having a blast with them.  I actually found a new technique that I am loving shown in these two images.

I have taken my Derwent Inktense blocks and scribbled messy inside the stencil areas.  Then I dip my finger in water and dab it over those spaces to wet the ink.  The trick to this technique is to not add too much water and to re-wet your finger every few dabs.  Rather than trying intentionally to miss some spots and distress the look of the applied watercolor, you are guaranteed to get that look by using this technique!  (I'm seeing a new fabric design developing!)

This technique probably works fine with water-soluble crayons as well but I have not yet tried that.  To finish the look, I messy sketched over the stencil marks using a black permanent fine point marker.


Believe it or not, there are more stencils coming out this Wednesday, November 9th at Joggles.com.  You are going to be really SURPRISED by this collection.  I can't give any hints but it's only 2 days away so you will have to wait.  I do promise to post all the information on Wednesday so you can see all the awesome artwork I have already created with them!

So again, I am sorry for being away for so long.  I'm still here.  I've still got tons of ideas and next up will be finishing my Rotational Design E-book!  I can't wait!!!

Check back Wednesday for the New Collection!!!