Studio Sunday and Rotational Design

What a beautiful day it is here!!!  The crocus are up and the sun is warm.  A perfect day to go house hunting :)  I can't believe it is almost 2 years since we moved into our current house rental!!  Now we've got just about 3 months to find a new rental or buy a house!

In order to keep up with my Studio Sunday posts, I will need some of Sunday to actually create things so my posts will most likely be later in the day.  So...I have a few ideas.  They are really good ideas!  They are kind of still forming but the focus of everything is "rotational design".  I have been having a blast designing in rotation.  Basically, this isn't new for me as you know if you have seen my stencils, you know I have been playing around with rotational designs since last summer.  

What I'm currently working on are additional ways to create personalized, one-of-a-kind designs (medallions, mandalas, or circular designs by any other name) in a rotational format that take on square or circular designs from the inside out.  You can sort of tell from this picture even with the watercolor paint and light pencil lines.

I know, it doesn't look impressive until your bring back all the details to define the areas.  It's the areas that are so different.  The shapes and flow that the finished designs take on using very simple lines.

Then of course the watercolor which I LUV!!!  Some day I will get good at it :)  This example is just ok.  I will be developing more designs and then posting a few videos to show you how it all works!

I know my head always gets big thinking about all the ways that designs can be applied and before I go and promise that I will deliver a specific project, I'm going to keep working on these design ideas before I put them out there.  When I have more prepared, I will definitely share.  I think you will really enjoy this!  Stay tuned.....

Until next weekend,