Studio Sunday and Quilted Rotational Design

First day of spring and there is snow coming!  I'm sure we are not free of it yet.  I'm always trying to get inspired to revisit fiber art and I pulled out the sewing machine and did some free-motion quilting using one of my rotational designs (14").  The cool look of this is from some old paper towels that I save when they are loaded with color.

I transferred the rotational design lines to a piece of silk organza which made it really easy to free-motion stitch.  Since the stitching perforated the paper towels so easily, I was able to pull the extra away from the stitching lines under the silk.  A little help from tweezers and the little extra pieces came right out.

I've got some variegated silk floss and other great colors that I am going to get started with embellishing.  I don't have my plan 100% pulled together yet, but I'm sure I will get something done before next weekend.  Maybe I will just let this one grow organically.  I'm loving the way the paper towel captures the cool edges and blending of the colors.  I've got a whole stash waiting to be used!

Happy Spring and have a great rest of your weekend!



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