Studio Sunday Watercolor Play

It is scary how fast life goes flying by!  I lost all of last weekend due to an intense but fast moving head cold then I immediately began prepping for a colonoscopy LOL.  I worked all day yesterday finalizing the article I am writing for one of the Interweave magazines and today I've got some intense designing I need to work on.  I was inspired to try this idea that I had been thinking about with watercolor paints and I think it came out pretty cool.

First of all, that ugly mess in the middle is supposed to be rocks and grass but I haven't defined anything yet with my Pitt Pen LOL.  I used a stencil of a tree that I drew and added lots of paint brush leaves in a few tones of green to create all the leaves.  I had to add some sky. 

I think I will call this my "Save the Planet" painting (half joking).  I love the look of the watercolor leaves and the canopy created as I added more leaves.

This was a fun idea which I will probably continue to work on when I have more time.

For now, back to work and Happy February everyone!!!



HollyM said…
You are a busy lady. I'm always very glad to get those colonoscopys over with. I've had three and have to repeat every so many years.
This piece you're working on is different and intriguing . I'd like to see how you finish it up. I'm anxious to read your next put article too.