Studio Sunday and Stuff in the Works

Last weekend I was in Anaheim, California attending the annual CHA tradeshow with Barbara from  This was either the third or fourth time I've been able to attend with Barbara and we always return with tons of inspiration and lots of new ideas!  This year the weather was much more pleasant with temps ranging in the 50's to 60's.  I guess I had just missed a strong hail storm before I flew in which made me really happy!  If you follow me on Facebook, you have already seen this photo of me with Danielle Donaldson!  I was soooo excited to meet her in person as I am loving watercolors now because of her inspiration!

Later I ran into Danielle again at the Interweave/FW booth where I was meeting one of the editors I am working with on a current article I am writing for one of the magazines (more details soon).  Thankfully, I received a more formal introduction so Danielle didn't think I was stalking her LOL!!  

Barbara threatened to pretend she didn't know me when I again did a little "fan-basing" when I ran into Christine Adolph at the Prima booth!!!!  I literally turn into a 15-year-old (I'm 48) when I meet artists who have totally inspired me!  Christine's work had been featured in the Stampington magazines years ago and I always connected with her designs and they really inspired my earlier artwork and even today's.  Barbara is bringing in Christine's foiling products which I can't wait to get my hands on!  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture with Christine but I received the sweetest email from her which I will cherish forever!  LOL

I was loving this new line of products at the Prima booth called IOD (forget what it stands for) but they had beautiful designs on large stamps and large rubber rollers for applying to walls and fabric.  They also have these sensational silicone molds to create all of those cool scroll designs for attaching to wooden frames and other projects!  It's a little hard to see the detail below but above you can see the curtain was painted using one of the large rollers and large stamps were applied under the chandelier.  So detailed and sooooo distressed!!!!  Luv Luv Luv it!

So of course we always return with tons of inspiration and new ideas.  After meeting the amazing Susan Lenart Kasmer and super talented and sweet Jen Cushman, we've got some ideas to explore using ICE RESIN and jewelry elements.  We were able to get into a workshop that Jen was teaching on the basics and can't wait to get to work.

I see lots of fibers and stitch as another component of these ideas!  I'm super excited to be working on stamp designs and more stencils with some of which will play into this work so stay tuned!!!  Barbara has her laser running and the options are endless!!!

I also ran into Seth Apter who was demo-ing his newest rubber stamp line and chatted with Dina Wakely as she was demo-ing in the Ranger booth.  She has new paint colors to add to her current line with Ranger.  Everywhere you turn, there are beautiful products, artwork and tons of inspiration.  Next year, the CHA tradeshow will be in Phoenix, Arizona and later in January which will make a lot of people happy since the current show dates fall immediately after Christmas and all the preparation that goes into exhibiting keeps all the artists and exhibitors busy throughout December.

So what is in the works?  Stamps, stencils, an article for Interweave on my Medallion Master Template stencils and more art!  I plan on doing more videos but haven't had the chance yet.  I have received a few requests and I will follow-up as soon as I can!

Have a super creative weekend and see you next week!



Seth said…
Great to hear about you experience about CHA. Isn't it cool that the show allows so many of us to cross paths?!?!
HollyM said…
Wow, your head must have really been spinning with all that creative excitement! It sounds so fun and inspirational.
I really love the concept and design of your medallion stencils. You are one busy lady!
faddisfamily said…
Just discovered your stencils while browsing at -- had to come find out how to use them. I am a total stencil hound. Most of my stamps are in storage but my stuffed full 3" binder and boxes of stencils are with me. I probably don't need more but I find it hard to say that I have enough stencils! Subscribed to your YouTube channel as well.
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