Studio Sunday and Watercolor Wings

This time of year is extra busy and stressful right now with projects at work and shopping!  Whew!  The days are flying by and I haven't been able to sneak in creative time but I woke up early this morning wanting to do something in my watercolor journal.

I had a great phone call catching up with a close friend of mine Saturday night and all I could think about after that were spiritual thoughts and open questions about why certain things happen in our lives and if we have the ability to change the course of our lives to prevent certain outcomes.  Yep, sometimes I go deep :) LOL  So this morning I searched for my drawing of an angel wing that I had done a couple of years ago.  A little manipulation in Illustrator and I cut my stencil on my Sizzix eclips2.

This is the perfect image to use the watercolors with.  I controlled the application so it wasn't too diluted because I wanted enough detail, slightly more than suggestive.  I used my XS Pitt Pen to go in and create sketchy outlines.  I may try another version with more detail on top of the watercolor and experiment with the amount of water on my brush.

I am loving using larger brushes with the watercolor.  They cover a larger area more quickly and you can still control the amount of water your apply.  Click here to see the types of brushes I am using for applying watercolor through my stencils.

Back to shopping on-line and hopefully more watercolor play!  Have a super creative weekend and keep on creating!



elle said…
Whoa. Those are big brushes. Who'dda thought! :)
HollyM said…
Very soft and pretty.
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