Studio Sunday Rescheduled Holiday Ornaments Video and Free Giveaway!

I've been working away on the holiday ornament designs but didn't have enough time to shoot the video yesterday underestimating the preparation time so I will be working to get that done and posted very soon.  Of course, the FREE GIVEAWAY is connected to the Holiday Ornaments theme so I don't have the finished example to show you today.  I know.....big letdown!!!

Let me explain how the FREE GIVEAWAY will work.  After I provide my video on How to Create Holiday Ornament Designs using the Medallion Master Templates, I will select one winner who I will personally work with to create one digital repeating pattern design from their own personal artwork (using artwork created with or without the Medallion Master Templates) that they will own.  This file can be uploaded to Spoonflower to order your very own wrapping paper, fabric or other.  (The images provided are examples of some holiday repeat designs that I had created previously.)

The only restriction is that the designs should be in a holiday theme.  There will be no restriction on color combinations.  You could create some medallion ornaments and other hand drawn or painted elements that you could combine with the other designs.  The winner will need to send me really good quality jpg images that I can work with to create a pleasing layout and will work directly with me to approve the layout and make any changes.

Examples will be provided when the video is posted this week and more details.

Have a fantastic weekend and keep on creating!


HollyM said…
This is a giveaway that I would truly love! I've been thinking of trying Spoonflower lately.
Thanks! Your designs are pretty!
Denise Spillane said…
I just saw this. I guess I am not getting email updates. I love your stencils/templates and jus got my delivery from Joggles. So excited to play. Not enough time to enter but I will send my result anyway. Fun ideas and I am so into mandalas too. I see these stencils being used a lot in my future.
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