Studio Sunday - Permission to Play!

Today, I'm thinking about small long-term goals.  This is odd for me as I most often fly by the seat of my pants!  I act, express myself, and go down that road that doesn't necessarily have an end in sight nor a pot of gold.  I have been lucky enough to achieve some meaningful success this way and I'm hugely grateful for that.  But, there are plenty of days where I just sit and think about what should I do next. Where do I want this journey to take me? 


Those days, I get caught up in everyone else's journey and soaking up inspiration on Etsy and Pinterest and get lost in thoughts of, "what if I did something like that?" and "I wonder if I could create something that might do this?"  I know that there is constant back-end processing happening in my brain and that sooner or later, something will pop into my head and I will fly with it.  In the meantime, I have to play.


 I know I have talked about this in the past, but I want to reiterate how important it is to not just dream but to play; with materials and your hands and explore techniques and just let the process happen.  All those great ideas that are simmering in the pot that is your imagination need to get out.  That's when the magic finally happens.  That's when the results of your play create the goal that then drives you down that path.

I know, I know it sounds silly, but I bet you there are a million creative people right now with new ideas simmering who haven't given themselves permission to play who's ideas will remain thoughts and dreams because they haven't pushed themselves to further explore their ideas on fabric or on paper or whatever type of media they have been dreaming about working with.  Just play.  The process will evolve and the ideas will bloom and all you have to do is play. 

Today is a day of play for me.  Letting those ideas move from my brain down to the tips of my fingers and just let the process happen.  You need to let that collaboration happen between brain and hands.  You need to feel the materials, see the colors, and test the waters for those ideas to come to fruition.  Just play.

Of course, you can't expect miracles the first time around but you can be sure the seeds are being sown and when they start growing, there is no stopping them.  Just play and your ideas will bloom.

Don't give up tomorrow because nothing happened today or what you created is not what you were shooting for.  It's not a one-time thing.  It should be an everyday thing and that's something I'm working towards.  Go easy on yourself and give yourself permission to play.


elle said…
Thanks for the permission! ;^) I'm a playing!!!
HollyM said…
I do love what you come up with when you play!
It is so good to let go like that creatively too.
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