Studio Sunday - Medallion Ornaments and Free Giveaway!

Finally!  Studio Sunday with a video! LOL  It's long overdue but I hope you will be inspired. These past couple of weeks I've been focusing on creating ornamental designs using the Medallion Master Template stencils.  I've created a couple of handfuls of designs but the options are limitless when it comes to configuring all kinds of ornament designs using these stencils.  These stencils can be purchased at

In my video, I cover my basic techniques for building ornament designs.  As you can see from these examples, the designs have more of a vintage feel and almost a tree topper look with more of a Victorian style.  My designs followed more of an elongated vertical line with shorter horizontal lines
and there is still lots of room for building detail and doodling or tangling!
Check out the video here!
In last week's post, I provided more detail on the FREE GIVEAWAY associated with this video.  Below I have provided examples of basic repeat patterns created using ornaments that I made using  the Medallion Master Template stencils.  I created 6 design elements all painted in the same colors so that they would easily coordinate.  Obviously my holiday theme is a little pastel but your color choices are limitless as well! 

To be entered into the FREE GIVEAWAY, simply leave a comment on this posting.  
I will select the winner on Wednesday, October 21st
who I will work with personally to create their very own repeat design that can be uploaded to Spoonflower to order your own holiday wrapping paper!  You will own the design and can use it however you desire.  You are not required to use the Medallion Master Templates to create your artwork, however, you should stay within a holiday theme.  There are no restrictions on color choices.
All design work needs to be completed prior to November 20th.
Have a fantastic day and keep on creating!



HollyM said…
Wow! I haven't got the stencils yet but I'd sure love to design something with them. It looks fun!
angie said…
Margaret, I've followed your work for years, and what you are doing with these stencils are amazing. I love the geometric feel of them, yet they still retain a certain amount of looseness.

Looking forward to when I clear a few items off my plate and can explore these.
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