Studio Sunday and Mixed Media Medallions

Welcome to Sunday once again!  The days are really going by quick and I can't believe we are more than halfway through September!  Cooler temps are rolling in this week and I can't wait!  I'm ready for fall and pumpkins and lots of leaves on the ground even though I know it will mean that the trees will be bare not too long after.  I want time to stop so I can be stuck in my favorite season.

I have a great video for you today!  I'm mixing it up this time around by layering deli paper, stenciling and stamping on top of a medallion I created using my Medallion Master Template stencils.  This is a great technique for those who aren't as excited about doodling or tangling but who love texture and layering!  Get ready to add more to your designs!

This version was made using warm colors and gold metallic paint and the purple one below was created using cool tones, silver metallic paint.  The secret to this process is creating on-the-fly foam stamps unique to each design you make as they are defined by the shapes and spaces that emerge as you build out your medallion design.
Check out the Mixed Media Medallion video below:
Torn deli paper previously painted with acrylic paint adds to the texture on the inner petals.  Stamping and stenciling allows you to build more texture on top of each specific shape you create a stamp from!

Below, you can see the 3 stamps I created from this single design.  Watch the video to see how I applied them!

Last week Barbara at had shared with me a photo of an incredible medallion created using the Medallion Master Template stencils by Virginia England.  With Virginia's permission, I am sharing these incredible designs that she created on cardboard shipping boxes.  Virginia's passion is card making and let me tell you, she is incredible at it!  I have included a photo of a card she made that is filled with color, texture and dimensional layers! 

Thanks again, Virginia, for inspiring me with your designs!!!



elle said…
Margaret!I am so impressed with this whole new concept that you have created. I'm spending the grand kiddies inheritance on this whole set so we can play together! lol ;^)
HollyM said…
They're all beautiful! I like the addition of foam stamp designs.
Beautiful designs, I'm off to watch the video!
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