Studio Sunday Reviewing the "To Do's"

Happy Sunday!  It is really beautiful here this morning with the cool air feeding inside from my window fan.  That's probably short-lived as the August heat and humidity build throughout the rest of the day but I'll take it when I can.  I woke up this morning not knowing what to blog about today as yesterday was filled with social media tasks (no easy feat) and then I was able to get together with my good friend from out of town for dinner last night.

There are a couple of art opportunities coming up that require me to put my designer hat on in order to take advantage of them before September 1st so I've got to shift gears for the moment.  One opportunity is a call for pattern designs based on nature themes for the new book that Marie Perkins will be putting out in her series of Print & Pattern Bowie Style.  Marie is a designer and blogger in the UK who most pattern designers follow because she is all in on surface pattern design with an eye in the industry who also features a lot of up and coming designers.  When I first got into designing patterns, her blog and books helped me get focused.  Check out the Print & Pattern Blog here and one of her books here:

I've done absolutely nothing with my portfolio designs that I created for Surtex last year and it's time I start putting them out there in various ways or modifying them for future portfolios.  It would be incredible if I could get 2 designs into Marie's new book and I want to start adding some of my designs to Spoonflower to offer those designs in fabric and paper.  Quilting Arts Magazine has also sent an invite to participate in a Reader Challenge as a previous contributor so I'll be working on that as well.

I know I keep talking about my newest Stencil Design Tools called Medallion Master Templates as I am super excited about these and somewhat addicted to them!  They have shipped and are on their way to the warehouse and will be available for sale in early September!  There are instructional videos to be created for these so the user can understand how to apply them to draft out medallion designs.  The templates themselves allow for unlimited configuration of medallion designs and when you add your own doodles and marks to them they become uniquely yours.

Whether you fill them with color or tangle them in black and white, you will be amazed at the designs that you can create!  My eleven-year-old niece loves creating medallions and painting them using these stencils and I believe children who enjoy drawing would have fun working with the stencils as well.

If you follow me on Facebook, make sure you check out the post yesterday showing the incredible fabric that Terri Stegmiller designed using my Anastasia Collection stencils.  I hope to feature it here in case you're not a social media junkie LOL

Have a fabulous weekend and keep on creating!