Studio Sunday and Stenciling a Repeat on Fabric Using Color Magnet

Hi everyone!  Happy Sunday!  I hope you are all having a creative weekend.  I've been very busy in the studio using one of my Anastasia stencils to create a repeat pattern on fabric using Jacquard's Color Magnet product and Rit Dye.  In the video, I walk through the process of using a particular stencil design to create an appealing repeat pattern on fabric.  I'm happy to say that the process was successful separate from my using a Stabilo pencil for marking my fabric.  No these pencil marks do not dissolve in the dye bath LOL.  Lesson learned :)

 The finished fabric is not as light in the background as the picture appears and it has a nice subtle monochromatic look and feel to it.  I show you how I determined the placement of my repeats in the video and the application of Color Magnet which I think is an incredible product.  See the video in 2 parts here.  Unfortunately my auto focus was not working correctly on the first video, my apologies.

Stenciling Fabric with Color Magnet - Part 1

Stenciling Fabric with Color Magnet - Part 2

I am having a wonderful time playing with my Medallion Master stencils and can't wait to introduce you to the process of creating unlimited configurations of medallions to incorporate into your art!  Whether you are looking to create simple, open medallion designs or complex designs, these stencils can help you do it!

More coming soon!!!!!
Have a fabulous weekend and keep on creating!



elle said…
Fascinating process! I think it turned out great!
HollyM said…
This is a really cool process with the dye magnet. I'll have to add it to my list!