Studio Sunday and Stencil Design Tools Medallion Master Templates Update

Happy Sunday!  Well, there is no sun in the sky today here along the East Coast but that's not going to stop the celebrations!  I will be heading off shortly to head north to Maine to celebrate my Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary!  The commitment and love and support that they have given each other over the past 50 years is an amazing accomplishment.  All couples face challenges and tests of their love and commitment and theirs is a generation of solid values and a real sense of "family" that we need more of today.

Do you want to make medallions?  Well, I have the stencils for you!  They are here and I'm readying videos to instruct how to use them and build out the designs and I'm totally excited about it!
The stencils are ready and the estimated launch date on is the second week in September.   Yesterday, I finished this version where I had used my Joggles stencils and Tim Holtz Distress Paints to create a layered background, designed my medallions on top of that, painted in the background using Liquitex paint and used another Joggles stencil to apply over the top with lots of dots made using the Sharpie Waterbased Paint Pens.  All of my outlining is done using these paint pens.

All of the medallions are first drafted in pencil which allows me to go back and add a design layer or place additional elements on top of previously drafted lines and erase any lines I don't need for the final design.

I am not a big doodler but I am definitely having a blast pushing for more detailed fill designs and adding free-hand design lines to these medallions.  When I say "unlimited configurations" that is exactly what these stencils can help you create!

These stencils would make a great gift for any child (ages 8 and up) who loves to draw or doodle.  The shapes created using the stencils are large enough for Crayons, markers, colored pencils and for painting making them very versatile and enjoyable for many age groups.

More details to follow next week and I can't wait to take these to fabric!!!!  The possibilities are endless!
Have a wonderful weekend and keep on creating!!!


elle said…
Fifty is a great milestone and the medallions are a great concept!