Studio Sunday and BIG SECRET REVEALED!

I have a big HUGE secret that I'm going to tell you...VERY SOON I will be launching my newest STENCIL DESIGN TOOLS called MEDALLION MASTER TEMPLATES!  Yes...medallion drafting stencils!!!!  These are not your average medallion stencils, no way!  These are actually marking stencils that allow you to layer design lines upon design lines as you build your medallion designs out.

I's sort of hard to explain and when you see the actual templates you will understand, but I can't show you those yet.  These marking tools allow for unlimited configurations for medallion drawing starting from 4" all the way up to 22"!  You decide how complex or simple you want your designs to be.  Straight circle layers are no problem and you can incorporate those into your medallion design at any time based on the additional circle markings in both 1-inch measurements and 1/2-inch measurements.  So all this will be explained VERY SOON!  For now, take a look at examples of what you can create!!!!

Are you excited yet????  I expect the stencils to be available in early September and can't wait to show you new videos on how to use them!  For now, spread the word and watch for the videos and announcement when they are available at!
This is me from last night getting ready to attend my 30th High School Reunion!  Where does the time go??????  I had a blast and stayed out late so unfortunately there is no video today :(  Check back next week!
Have a fabulous weekend and keep on creating!



HollyM said…
Wow, Margaret, you have a lot going on! I love this concept.
I have just been thinking of you and wondering about you. I don't know why this happens, but some people's blogs mysteriously disappear from my blog list and my Bloglovin
I searched you up and realized this is what happened. I shall take some time later to catch up.
elle said…
Wow, good looking young gal! :) You boggle my mind!!! :)