Studio Sunday Deli Paper Stenciling with Zoe

Good morning and afternoon!  I'm starting a little late today and the hot and muggy weather isn't helping LOL  This week was crazy and I did not get to film my first wearable art application with the new stencils so that is on the agenda for next weekend.  What I did video is a short demo on using the Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads with the stencils on deli paper that has been covered with white Gesso. 

I'm using one of the Zoe stencils that I love for its ability to create a cool repeat when reversed during the application.  In addition to the pattern being created with it in the video, you can condense the reverse application using 2 different colors to achieve a look like the first section below.  Using the same condensed repeat, if you apply a different color to the smaller dots each time you stencil, you will achieve the look in the second section where a third color ends up sandwiched between.

Here is an example of this stencil used on a piece of cotton that I dyed with RIT using Jacquard's Color Magnet product.  The product says to use it with the Jacquard dyes but since I didn't have any of those I experimented with the RIT dyes and the results were the same.  I will be demonstrating this product more in the future and I want to give a big SHOUT OUT to Terri Stegmiller for telling me about the product.  You can see how Terri applied the product with the Jacquard dyes on Terri's post here.
I purchased both the 16 oz. canister and the pen seen on Jacquard's product page and used my high density 2" foam roller to easily apply the product using the same Zoe stencil.  When the repeat is viewed on a larger format, it creates this wave-like effect which I think is so interesting!
The Color Magnet Pen is perfect for using in smaller areas of a stencil but wasn't necessary for this stencil application.  I love the effect which intensifies the color of the stenciled areas by drawing the dye to the product.  Color Magnet goes on in a slightly yellow tinted fluid so the color you see on the fabric is strictly from the dye bath.
Thank you for visiting this week and stay tuned for more demos and design ideas!  Keep on creating!


So good to know that the Rit dyes work with color magnet. Your video makes me want to get my deli paper out and play!!!!
elle said…
Ah, Zoe arrived in my mail box. Thanks so much, Margaret! I thought this was a wonderfully inspiring video and I'm looking forward to getting Zoe to play in my playroom! :)
Diane said…
I have really been enjoying all the videos using your new stencils which I think are absolutely
the best thing to hit the market. We can use these for so many things including our walls.
That I just love. Keep them coming. Your a very talented lady and I going to get my deli
paper going this afternoon.