Studio Sunday Deli Paper Collage Wall Art

Those of you who have been hangin' 'round the blog for a while know how much I luvvvv deli paper.  I think deli paper is such a cool way to incorporate layering into collage.  When I was still creating Thermofax screens, I printed all of them to deli paper.  Printed deli paper is one thing I am in abundant supply of and continue to use with my stencils.  Looking for deli paper?  Find it at
This is another example of how you can use my Circle Master Template to create wall art.  This time around, I used only black and white Thermofax screen-printed deli papers and some Dina Wakley Media Heavy Body Acrylic Paints.  I also used a few Gelatos by Faber-Castell and a little pearlescent acrylic ink by Daler Rowney.  Additional details were added using Sharpie waterbased paint pens as well.  I highly recommend using a heavy gel medium to adhere the deli paper to the canvas as the canvas pockets the thinner glues such as Mod Podge, due to the canvas texture, and it won't result in as nice an application.

There are so many different ways that you can change up the application of the circle lines with the Circle Master Template so stay tuned for more!

I've been working away on my 4 pieces of fabric that I applied Dynaflo and Lumiere to through my Circle Master Template, it's very relaxing and I can get lost in it for hours.  I'm thinking about how I want to finish these pieces, either separately or together as a larger piece.  What I find really enjoyable is working on multiple pieces at the same time in the format of a series.  In a series, you have more options and I'm all about that!  LOL  The first picture is before any stitching and you can see the vivid streaking of the colors and the changes in intensity.  Yummy!!!


I adore the Jacquard colors and the coolest thing when applying Lumiere on top and spraying it with water is that the very same colors of Dyna-flo are the base for these metallic paints and when wet, the dye seeps out creating more intense shades under the metallic particles as you can see in this last picture above where the purple and gold show in the bottom left corner.  Definitely check out the exciter packs that sells so you can play with this technique.
Next weekend, I'll be working on wearables!  Don't miss it!!!
Have a fabulous weekend and don't stop creating!


Diane said…
I think your designs are absolutely beautiful and can see many possibilities that I would like to try. I have purchased my first of your designs which is the Becca Series. I also had to have the Circle Master. Can't wait to make something pretty. My grown kids have been asking me to make something for their
walls. You have shown us beautiful ideas. Keep them coming. I love these and could also see them
on furniture. I wish you did your thermofax screens still because I purchased a couple and I have
misplaced one of my favorite designs.
elle said…
You taught me the value of black and white deli paper some time ago and I DO luv them. I had Barbara throw some of the striped deli paper in my order and can't wait to try that! :)