Studio Sunday and Wearable Art and Secret Project

Welcome to the studio!  Today's video is more like a narrated story and personal perspective on wearable art.  That's a big term encompassing all kinds of art that can adorn the body.  When I think of wearable art I visualize hand-painted garments and scarves, interesting design lines, fabric manipulation and stitching galore!

Some may consider wearable art sculptural compositions of fiber and non-fiber materials that tell a distinct story like a still-life painting.  My point is there are many different perspectives and opinions about what is considered wearable art both from the artist's view as well as the observer's.

What's yours?  Have you ever thought of bringing your art into your closet?  What would it look like and how would you wear it?  Would you repurpose an old shirt or create a garment using a commercial pattern? 

A few of the patterns that I will be working with include Butterick, Burda, Vogue, McCalls and Hot Patterns.  I have found a few I also like on

I want to create loose and comfortable clothing that I can enjoy wearing and that make me happy when I look at them.  I am loving all of the layering I see from mini shrugs, that barely cover more than your arms, to romantic ruffles and modern design lines.  I want to wear clothing that reflects my personal style and incorporates my art.  Check out the video for more!


Because I am forever thinking about design, I've got one more secret design project that I am working hard on.  I can't really move forward until I get this idea out into the spotlight so I'm working diligently to finalize this NEXT BIG THING!  Want to come along for the ride?  Hang in there, I'll be sharing more very soon!

Keep on creating!



elle said…
Yes, YES, YES! So agreeing with you! I sewed clothes before quilting. Quilted garments didn't seem too wearable so I started thinking about maybe my own fabric for quilts. But then I was wishing for my own clothes again. I am delighted that you are moving in this direction and taking me ( and Zoe) along! hmmm, I wonder how I'd look in a shrug???. LOL
marny said…
Great post and super inspirational! Thanks for doing this....think I might start making my own clothes again...I look forward to seeing more of these videos from your style!
Enjoyed your video and post. I love wearable art too and while I have many patterns and ideas, I don't seem to get around to doing any of this. Sigh! Too many ideas, so little time. I look forward to more of your wearable art posts and can't wait for the big secret news!!!