Studio Sunday Stencil Testing Groove

I have got 10 HUGE stencils taped to my design wall right now ready for testing!  So I've got a variety of paints out and lots of paper and I'm testing away!  We are already in MAY and these large stencil collections will launch the end of this month if everything stays on schedule.  It's time to register these designs for copyright, a quick and inexpensive step to ensure they are mine in case of infringement.  I sound like I am at work tracking all the company IP, but it's already happened to me once so to take that extra step seems very reasonable.

In the midst of testing, I stole a little time to play with the lessons for the workshop, "The Doings of a Do-o-dle" with Diane Culhane on Carla Sonheim's site.  I love her style and wanted to see if I could experiment using my stencils instead of doodles.  In the end, I broke down with some doodles.

On this first piece, I used my Leaf Specimens stencil on top of some cool textures from Barb's Animal Textures: Zebra and Croc stencils.  I also added a little Chevron.  Instead of painting the entire background one color, I mixed it up a little with acrylics and then went back in with watercolor paint to get the darker areas.
On the second one, I just played around with a few test stencils I had and added a little bit of doodle.  I added gold paint using the Sharpie Paint Pens so this one looks much better when you see the gold laying on top.
So, I've been experimenting with different concepts for my personal stencil line and I had fun using some of the painted deli paper that I made when I was down in RI at Barb's for a play weekend.  I love how the pieces are all broken up, although not perfectly balanced, still fun.   
I still can't share any images from the actual stencils but I will soon so stay tuned!  You can be sure there will be a free giveaway coming when they launch!
Have a wonderful and warm weekend and keep on creating!


elle said…
oooh! I am really liking this!